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  1. I have been overrun with some Malware and a virus and have been doing everything I can to get rid of them. When SuperAntiSpyware could not do it I downloaded Malwarebytes and ran it and it got rid of some but not all of my problem. I think I still have some Trojan Horses which have been detected by Microsoft and Norton but none of them are getting rid of everything and when I reboot I still have some problems including a Norton window that pops up telling me emails couldn't be sent which I didn't send. It is as if someone is using my computer to spam but nothing shows up in my sent email box. I get the Norton messages endlessly. The guy who advised me to use SuperAntiSpyware in the beginning said to just do a full scan using the portable launcher on my Flash Drive. When I tried to do so it starts the scan and a few minutes into it I get a blue windows screen and the computer reboots. When I try to run it from the computer same thing. The thing that looks funny to me is when I go to Start/programs/Superantispyware it only opens up one choice and instead of having the little bug as an icon it has a blue and white windows type box to click on to start the program. I would like to uninstall the other programs and run a Full Superantispyware scan but can't get past this issue.
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