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  1. Thanks Seth, I now have a better idea of how I want to install and run the program.
  2. Seth, Thanks for your reply. But unfortunately it raises more questions. First, I downloaded the free version, not the Pro version, so I don't think that First Chance Prevention and Real Time Protection are available(at least the comparison chart says they aren't). I understand that installing the Pro version on each account would allow Real Time Protection and First Chance Protection. But for the free version, if a complete scan from an admin. account would scan all files on the hard drive including including flies from other user accounts, what would the benefits be in installing SAS on all accounts. If it takes about the same time to do a complete scan from one account as it would to do a quick scan from all 5 accounts, the only benefit I can see is that it would allow each user to scan their own account. The drawback would be that SAS would be running and taking up resources on each user account without providing any real time protections(in the case of the free version). And since the other users on this system wouldn't take the time to do a scan on their own, and also wouldn't know what to do after the scan was done, I do all the updates and scans from the account with admin. rights. The last question is about the Real Time Protection if I go to the Pro version. Almost all of the Spyware,Malware,Virus forums don't recommend having more than one real time protection running. All the AV sites don't recommend having more than one AV program because of the real time protection. And all the AV sites I have visited recommend turning off the real time protection in programs like Spybot S&D, Adaware, ect;. Does the real time protection of the pro version of SAS work differently than the real time protection of those other programs thus making it safe to have more than one real time protection running at the same time? It seems to me that it would really be helpful if one of the site Admins. or advanced users could create a topic addressing all these things and pin it to the top of this forum. It would really help new users get started, and help them decide which version they would want to use. For example, if the real time protection in SAS dosn't cause any compatibility problems with any AV products and both real time protections will run together, that would be a big positive reason for me to go with the Pro version. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm new here. My system runs XP with SP3. It has one System admin. account with admin privileges (for downloading and installing programs, updates ect:) and 4 limited user accounts. I just downloaded SAS free version because it was recommended and to see what the program is like. I have a couple of questions about installing and using SAS. I read the installation help file linked to in the FAQ list. But during installation there was a screen that came up(that was not in the "Installing SAS" section of the help file) that asked if I wanted to make settings available for every user or just me. I checked every user. Is that what should be done? And what would happen if I checked "just me"? I found in the forum that the definition files have to be updated for each user(at least for now), so I understand that. Will the updates work from a limited user account, or do you need to be logged on as an administrator? Can the computer be scanned completely by just running a scan from the administrator account or does each account need to be scanned? And if each account does need to be scanned, do the accounts need admin. privileges? I looked in the help files and this forum for answers to these questions and couldn't find them. I'm not saying they aren't there, I just couldn't find them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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