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  1. there's no need to reboot. It just cookies:) To prevvent that problem, 1)open superantispyware 2) click on "preference" 3) click on "scanning control" 4) remove checkmark "scan for tracking cookies" That should prevent future problems
  2. Go to filehippo.com and get a-squared free download,detect and clean
  3. jay

    upload malware

    I just e-mailed it with 2 links can you let me know when you got it, so I can remove them from my computer The uploader you gave me seems a little too fast, I was guessing why you wanted cross reference it Either way no problem
  4. jay

    upload malware

    Can I email you the link and you can download it from there??
  5. jay

    upload malware

    thank you You have 2 big folders on the way there called 1)new tosubmit 2)jay It already sent and it says it's done, if for some reason you don't have it, email me
  6. How do upload big batchs undetected malware I can upload some batchs every few days
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