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  1. Yes I ran the portable. off safemode , on safe mode . ran the a -squard on and apparently the a-squard requires the 30 day trial to remove or quarrantne the traces so I have to re down load and .... I think I will back up files on western exterior drive & cd then Re install the whole system....
  2. Thanks a-squared could not remove file . It requested I contact there support group and I am still waiting for there email reply. Who the hell makes this virus stuff needs to be put through a tree chipper and then feed whats left to hogs. Again thanks for your try.
  3. I would love to post the result however the internet access is unexcessable due to the virus
  4. Hello All and good day, Well the kids limewired somthing into the comp , ran sas, it captured 2 rouge viruses. Sas maintained to re-boot to remove viruses. Did so and re scanned with sas to find the same viruses (same number) and now computer will not open up IN explorer. Im running xp. now I will try the sas portable and see if it will smoke it.
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