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  1. Negative. Still freezes and I realize now it is always on the same file. The name of it again is... ndismigplugin.dll.
  2. The most up to date one now. Just downloaded it. I am gonna try again. Will let you know results...
  3. version of what? I update SAS everytime before I run it.
  4. Tried all that. Still freezes. I used to have Avast Free Edition and now I have Microsoft Security Essentials. It froze with both of them installed. It seems to freeze while scanning my Windows files and this last time it froze when scanning a file named ndismigplugin.dll. By the way.. sometimes, the last time for example.. the whole PC froze. Not just SAS.
  5. Core : 4861 Trace : 2673 (The most current I think) Windows is Vista 32 bit.
  6. I have run into a problem. I have never had this problem before until recent. While running a Superantispyware (Free Edition) scan the scan freezes. After that the program won't respond, nor will anything else really. It happens when the scan gets to the Windows files. Any ideas?
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