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  1. no offense, but i haven't seen another forum with so much spam. i know you're a small company but i think it would be worth your time to police this stuff a bit. P.S. - and thank you SAS for supporting U.S. troops!
  2. i agree 100% with Seth Rusty, there is a good chance your computer is loading all the way to your desktop - but you can't see it (no display, hardware trouble)
  3. Hi Rusty, just thought i would chime in and agree with seth's diagnosis. i use a raid adapter in one of my machines that randomly causes a similar problem after i've removed power to the comp (no signal sent to monitor - and the way i fix it is resetting the power repeatedly and praying until if finally works). i know this doesn't help you other than to let you know you definitely have either a hardware conflict or failure as seth has suggested. sas may have contributed to your trouble, but if your monitor led stays yellow it is not getting signal from the video output (which is not caused by software loaded on the hard disk). contacting palicomp is probably the next step. regards, keith
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