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  1. Hi Thanks. I am running the free version and running at startup all seems fine thank God. It can be confusing! But it is a fine piece of software.
  2. Miraculously fixed, I just tried harder. Thank you,
  3. Can anyone give me a screenshot of the tab General and Startup under preferences. I use XP and am having shutdown issues where SAS doesn't close at shutdown and I have to 'end now'. All the best.
  4. I'm running 4.41.1000 and by taskbar I actually was referring to the brown beetle so I unchecked 'show icon in taskbar' under preferences. Thank you!
  5. Unless I disable the task bar I cannot shutdown SAS. It becomes all manual. Kind of bewildering to me. Help anyone, for best setting for XP Home 2002 Service Pack 3. Thanks.
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