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  1. I thought I would put this out there for whomever may need it. SuperAntiSpyware sometimes has an issue updating automatically in the Windows 7 Operating system. You may get an error stating you do not have enough rights or need administrator privliges or something to that effect. There is a simple work around to this that I have used on countless client systems. Simply go to the SAS folder in Program Folders (Start<Computer<C-Drive or main<Program Files<SuperAntispyware) then for ease of use click on the heading called "Type" to sort the files and sort all the Application files together in the list. The key file is SASUpdate or SASUpdate64 respectively, right click on the file and choose properties. Click the Compatability tab and check the Run as Administrator box at the very bottom, apply and click ok. Close everything down and exit SUPERAntispyware, then restart the program again. When the automatic update box appears it should allow the update to go through. I am not sure if this is an isolated issue to the systems I have been working on but there has been enough of them to warrant something be said. Good Luck!
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