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  1. RealMyststart.exe and realmyst.lnk were both detected today as Trojan.Agent/Gen-Luder. This should be a false positive, as I've had this game for years and it was purchased directly through gog.com, a known and typically trusted digital game retailer. I have submitted both files via SAS as well.
  2. I didn't notice this thread earlier, but I'm having the same issue. I did upload the file to both VirusTotal and Symantec. The only engine to detect any sort of malware for me was SAS. Edit: An update reveals that the problem has been addressed. As of 4.47.1000 Core: 6063 Trace: 3877, it no longer detects Trojan.Agent/Gen-Virut in C:\PROGRAM FILES\K-LITE CODEC PACK\TOOLS\VOBSUBSTRIP.EXE
  3. I've used K-Lite Codec Pack for years. This occurred after a routine update that was downloaded from a trusted source (Majorgeeks), which is where most of the previous versions came from. The file path is C;\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools\vosbubstrip.exe and SAS is reporting it as Trojan Agent/Gen-Virut. I've never used vobsubstrip, but it is a known tool to strip video subs.
  4. For me, at least, this has only happened twice. I haven't been able to narrow down what is causing it or why. I can't even re-create it, as it seems to happen at random. System info: --W7 Home Premium x64 --running the latest version of SASPro 4.39.1002 --I used the uninstaller to remove the older x64 version and deleted all related files left. --Installed the new version. FWIW, the older version (I forget the version number) had the same issue (only occurred once) which cropped up one more time in the new version. I've currently completely disabled MBAM, as it seemed to have started having issues as well, since the auto-update function suddenly stopped working altogether. Regardless of whether or not exclusions, etc. may be a problem, I have removed them from being a variable within all of this (they were done from the beginning, so that shouldn't have factored in to begin with). Edit: the process is SSUPDATE64.exe, not SSUPDATE.exe
  5. For whatever reason, sometimes when this particular process starts, it causes the CPU to ramp up to about 30% usage and stay there until I either stop the process or restart my computer. It doesn't always do this, but when it does, it causes fairly severe slowdown for other applications. SuperAntiSpyware is allowed in my NIS 2010 settings and is excluded from scanning/real-time. The only exception is that I have Malwarebytes' IP blocking active, which may cause the updater to hang at times. What are the IPs for SASPro that I can forward in MBAM to see if that is the issue?
  6. I hear a lot about multiple "real-time" programs interfering with each other. Supposedly, they can hinder the efficacy of each other in subtle ways. Is this true? Is there any concrete evidence of this or ways to find out? Not trying to hijack the thread, but I didn't feel the question was terribly far from the original poster's subject. I'm currently running SAS Pro along with Norton IS 2010 and Malwarebytes Pro realtime, with no obvious issues, like slowdown or popup notifications. Logs don't reveal anything suspicious, either. I don't know if that means anything or not, though.
  7. Thanks. That's kinda what I had thought. I did see the pre-release, but I'm funny about those (bad experience in the past--not from SAS, but you get the idea), so I'll wait for the official blended installer. Thanks also for the set of instructions. I'll do just that when the release goes official.
  8. Ah, I see. Thanks for the information and I look forward to its implementation.
  9. I have Windows 7 H.P. x64 with the SAS Pro installed. I have gone through the menu and enabled the "Display Scan Option in Right-Click Menu," etc., but to no avail. Is this an option that is unavailable in this version of Windows? I've had this particular problem on multiple installs on the same system--each time, this option never worked, which is why I'm guessing it isn't an option... Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm trying to setup basic scanning schedules, with quick scans daily and (hopefully) full scans weekly, so that it doesn't have to be done manually. Am I limited to only one scheduled task or am I missing some option? If not, is it a feature that can be included in future releases? Thanks in advance
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