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  1. This worked for me on Vista! So glad I didn't have to actually log in to my admin acct. I assume I have to do this each time since it won't start up as admin when the computer boots, right? I guess I could have waited for the next update which should be coming any second at the rate the SAS guys work! Btw... seems like this program update could use a sticky. There's a lot of threads of people asking this same question. Just a thought. I got a million of 'em!
  2. Oh, thanks, I missed that. Well I won't be using it then. I refuse to use IE.
  3. I've never heard of that virus and I've never gotten it and wasn't using real time SAS protection until last night. Perhaps you didn't have proper AV software installed if you got it. SAS is not a replacement for an AV program.
  4. Thanks. I had already installed last night and just saw your post now. I installed from my user account (without right clicking > Run as Admin) and it seems to have gone into the Admin account and is working in my user account. So I must have given myself enough control to do that. I am no longer having issues with my install. I think windows didn't complete the install last time around.
  5. Reinstalled and all is well. I'm sure it was windows that didn't complete the install last time.
  6. Okay, thanks. I think it was possibly that windows didn't complete the installation when I installed the free version because I also had to go through the setup wizard each time I rebooted. I just reinstalled so here's hoping all's well. I did buy the Pro and used the latest version that you mentioned.
  7. You also need a firewall. And once again... if you don't renew Norton you still NEED anti-virus and firewall IN ADDITION to SAS.
  8. Firefox wouldn't install this plug-in for me. Something about scripts. I just looked through all the Firefox options and couldn't find anything to enable/disable scripts... how can I check if it's a setting? I've had no problem installing all other plug-ins/add-ons.
  9. Windows Vista Home Premium SAS Free Hi. Over the last couple weeks when I boot up I've gotten a Windows window that says "Preparing to Move". It is the window you get when you are actually copying/moving files in Vista. It isn't moving anything, there are no files listed, and then it disappears. I had installed SAS and MBAM around that time. I uninstalled SAS to see if that was the problem (it was also having another issue of acting like it was just installed every time I booted up) and I no longer get that "Preparing to Move" window. I googled and all links pointed to only one other person who had this happening to him but there was no solution/reason for it. I searched the forums here and didn't find anything. Has anyone seen this before and do you know if it is due to SAS? TIA
  10. Hi. I started with the free version, installed it to my User Account. Every time I booted up I had to go through the whole process again as if I had just installed it, clicking all the options about entering email, allowing data to be sent etc... Also, once the program started I could update from inside it, but there was always a "pop up" thing in the bottom corner of my screen saying there was an update available but every time I tried to update that way it said I had to do it through my Admin account. Should I have installed it into my Admin account? I've since uninstalled (used the SAS uninstaller after doing the regular windows uninstall)and am going to reinstall the Pro version which I bought and want to make sure which account I should install to. TIA
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