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  1. I use Avira as my virus protection and it's been very effective and added SAS in combination with that because of the issues with all the flavors of AVE.exe and it's varients. I'll add a link because it's spyware as well as a virus. This link discusses it : http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-antivirus-2010
  2. Does IE8 crash with a rundll error on exiting on ocassion? If it does you've got the same thing I had. Look to see if you have google as your search engine default in IE and also look if you have delete browsing history on exit. If you have both of them on you'll get the dll error on exit. You'll also notice odd behavior (which I think is a keylogger) but the program can not be detected that's doing it. Do you get odd results from a google search basically pointing you to sites that just don't seem right? Is your auto type in google work?
  3. There is definetly some kind of worm out there that I threw everything in the kitchen sink out at including SAS Pro. I basically gave up and backed up my profile and started again. It takes your DNS searchs and basically points you to different sites. I did get hit with the latets varient of AVE.exe and removed it and found a keylogger but is after Norman Malware,A2, and a whole host others.
  4. I purchased the Pro version because I got a discount and a discount on top of that with the lifetime updates. That being said the main purpose of the pro is the ability to be active and block spyware. As far as I can tell it can not block the Ave.exe aka Antivirus 2010 and it's malware threats. Now may be I'm doing something wrong but if you are going to block spyware and you can't deal with the biggest issue out there then it's not worth it.
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