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  1. Hi guys, was trying to run SAS on my slave HDDs after installing a new, clean HDD as the master. so i had format the master HDD and reinstall all the programs. NOD32 detected some virus in my old HDDs. I tried removing them but NOD32 just prompts me again and again. Assuming that they are malware instead, i scanned with SAS. SAS always stuck at the same file in "C:\System Volume Information", file A0005760.exe. I can run MBAM without any problem though. Trying to get SAS to work as I really like this program. I had searched the web for answers and had done the following but to no avail: - ran in safe mode - disable AV program while running SAS - ran combofix - used chkdsk - ran SAS portable; didnt manage to complete it as well - uninstalled SAS, reboot comp, reinstalled SAS Any gurus can help me? Had been trying for the last few hours.. Thanks in advance
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