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  1. The high contrast mode is great for me and the program works with my screen reader:)  Scans aew very fast, a quick scan takes 13 secs on my SSD.  Just one minor little thing I wonder could be fixed, the right click menu in taskbar icon doesnt match the theme of SAS, its always white even with the high contrast colours.

  2. The UI is very customized to support the information layout and for touch-friendliness (the new UI works great on 8" Windows tablets!).. Since we're not using standard Windows controls, it's not picking up the Windows color configuration.  I'm not sure if we'd be able to mirror the Windows selection exactly, but if you would just like a "high contrast" color scheme of some kind, we may be able to add that as a program configuration option.  Are you into Black Background/White Text or White Background/Black text (just curious)?  No promises, but if there's time to squeeze that in there I'd be happy to do it.  We've talked about more user-configurable visuals over the years but it seemed a bit like pouring resources into something that was kinda unnecessary (even though we all think it's cool). 



       I like black background with bright text personally.  Disabling bitmaps in SAS 5.7 helps but 6 didn't have the option.  It doesn't have to match windows exactly:)

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Where did you get SAS download from? You have Windows 7 x64 yet you say SAS installed into Program Files(x86). The new 64bit SAS should install into Program Files on 64bit windows. I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 and have no issues with SAS.

    Sorry but I'm in 2 minds if your post is genuine or not. Sorry if it is, no offence:)

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