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  1. The high contrast mode is great for me and the program works with my screen reader:) Scans aew very fast, a quick scan takes 13 secs on my SSD. Just one minor little thing I wonder could be fixed, the right click menu in taskbar icon doesnt match the theme of SAS, its always white even with the high contrast colours.
  2. Hi, I like black background with bright text personally. Disabling bitmaps in SAS 5.7 helps but 6 didn't have the option. It doesn't have to match windows exactly:)
  3. Are you going to change the GUI so it matches the winsows theme? Whats the point of accessability features if developers don't use them.
  4. Hi Peeps:) Just got myself a nice SSD and did a fresh install of win 7 64bit on it. Is there any issues with SAS Pro on a SSD? Thanks:)
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Where did you get SAS download from? You have Windows 7 x64 yet you say SAS installed into Program Files(x86). The new 64bit SAS should install into Program Files on 64bit windows. I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 and have no issues with SAS. Sorry but I'm in 2 minds if your post is genuine or not. Sorry if it is, no offence:)
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