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  1. I've had some Adware.Flash Tracking Cookies found recently, so I let SAS remove and quarantine them. What I found a bit odd was that SAS said that I should restart my PC for the cookies to be removed properly. Why is that necessary just for a few tracking cookies? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply Nick. What I did was as follows: About an hour after my previous post, I unquarantined the offending item and ran a scan using what were then the latest defs - Core 4878, Trace 2690 - and nothing was found. I hadn't scanned before that since I'd quarantined the apparent piece of malware. Anyway, it all seems to be fine now, so thanks for your help. I hope you're having a good weekend regardless of whether or not it's a holiday one!
  3. It would be good to hear from someone at SAS about this, but we may have to wait a few days at least. It's a holiday weekend here in the UK and I think it may be the same in the US (Labor Day?). This odd detection is annoying but it's not really a major problem. For now, I'm going to do the same as you and unquarantine the item in question. Let's hope we hear from SAS before too long!
  4. Same here, I forgot to mention it earlier! I'm becoming convinced that this is an incorrect detection and, if this is the case, I hope that SAS will amend their database so that this won't be detected again. If this happens, what do I do about the item in Quarantine?
  5. I'm running SAS Free. Apparently I had 'System.RegistryEditorDisabled' on my PC. This item was added/updated in the database version 4817 on 16/04/2010. Since that time I ran 5 SAS scans before updating, none of which found it. My SAS version then was 4.35.1002. I also ran scans with the following programs: Spybot S&D 1.6.2 MBAM 1.45 and 1.46 (Quick Scans) Norton Internet Security 2010 v (Full System Scan) during the period from 16/04/2010 to 30/04/2010 when my SAS version was still 4.35.1002 and none of these found anything. This piece of malware appeared only after updating to v4.36.1006. The strange thing is that it appeared as soon as I opened the program. It hadn't even scanned the Memory, let alone the Registry, but somehow it had 'found' this piece of malware! How did it do that without scanning? The malware is now in quarantine, but... Is it a false positive? Is it a bug? Was it really there? Any ideas or info please?
  6. Thanks Nick. I've been having another go at this and I've decided that on my previous attempt when I thought the check was running, it didn't do so. I was too hasty in closing the page because I didn't have time to wait for the check to complete and it's possible that the page had frozen anyway. I think that possibly my settings in IE for ActiveX aren't allowing the check to run, but as I rarely use IE, it's never been problematic to me. I'm not going to pursue this any further, I'll just wait for the Firefox plugin to be updated!
  7. I could do that, or I could download SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to my Downloads folder, run it on my account, copy it to my husband's desktop and install it on his account too. In fact, I may do this temporarily. The thing is, I just want to download the update for SAS once and for that update to be effective on both accounts without any further action needed. This is what happens on other programs I have and I'm pleased that it will be the case with SAS before too long. Thanks for your suggestion though, it's much appreciated.
  8. Since nobody else seems either willing or able to answer the points raised in my previous post, I'll answer the one I've quoted above. I set IE8 as my default browser temporarily and I was able to run the check, so it seems that is what you have to do to run the check. Firefox has now been made my default browser again.
  9. Thanks Nick, that's good to know and we'll be looking forward to that release!
  10. I've seen this mentioned elsewhere on this site, but I can't remember where! Sorry for my poor memory. At present, both my husband and myself have to download the same updates on our own user accounts. We're on dial-up because it's all we can get and downloading the same thing twice takes ages and is very time-consuming. Can we have a new feature in a version of SAS which will allow one update to suffice for each user's version of SAS please?
  11. As another dial-up user,I'd like to see this happen too.
  12. You quoted only part of what I said and, as far as I know, there is nothing wrong with my computer. Everything on it is up to date, including MS Updates, and it's scanned regularly by various programs, including SAS. Nothing is ever found apart from the inevitable tracking cookies. I run XP Home SP3 and I have Firefox 3.6.3 and IE8 and I'd like it if you would clarify some points for me. 1. As I said earlier in this thread, you can't run this check using Firefox and you can't install the Mozilla/Firefox plugin either. The screen shots show what would have happened with a much earlier version of Firefox and the plugin is clearly incompatible with the current Firefox version. 'Edit Options' no longer appears if you try to install this plugin (or anything else), it just says 'Allow'. If you try to do that, you get an error -204 message. 2. When will this plugin be amended/updated so that it can easily be installed by Firefox users? Even MS give us the choice of what browser to use now, at least they do in Europe, so surely features that are apparently available in SAS should be accessible to all SAS users regardless of their preferred browser. 3. I've tried to get round this by loading the page using Coral IE Tab, but it still wanted me to install the Mozilla/Firefox plugin. 4. I closed Firefox, opened IE8 and tried again. The result was the same as in point 3 above. 5. Firefox is set as my default browser. The implication of the results I've received is that I should set IE as my default browser in order to be able to run this check without any difficulty. I'm not prepared to do this just to achieve this. 6. This isn't necessarily relevant, but I can run Microsoft/Windows Update in Firefox by using Coral IE Tab, so why not this check? So, exactly what is the situation regarding how to run this test please?
  13. Why not? My default browser is Firefox, but I'd use IE if necessary. Will the plugin work if you load the page using IE Tab or the latest equivalent (either Coral IE Tab or IE Tab2)?
  14. Hi and thanks. It's nice to have a friend here!

  15. I don't think you can use this on Firefox. Have a look here particularly at the part where it says "Please make sure that you are using Internet Explorer with scripting enabled and ActiveX controls allowed."
  16. I should have waited! Instead I uninstalled v4.35.1000, downloaded and installed v4.35.1002. The new version works fine though.
  17. These new forums are very nice. I had to re-register, but I was able to keep my previous user name, so I didn't mind too much!
  18. Thanks for the explanation. I wondered why we got 2 updates so close together.
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