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  1. Hi SASJoe, Thanks for your reply. I've done my daily update already, so my database is a bit behind, but I'll run a scan soon and report the file as a False Positive as you suggest above. I'll post back here when I've done it. Many thanks, Madeline
  2. I have had this file, POWERMENUSETUP_1_5_1.EXE, in my 'Downloads' folder for over 2 years and suddenly SAS has decided it's harbouring a Trojan! Really? Well nothing else does. I've scanned the file with NIS 2011, MBAM, Spybot S&D and none of these programs found anything untoward in it. Just to be on the safe side, I uploaded the file to Jotti Scan and none of the 20 scanners there found anything either. I update SAS only once a day as I'm on a slow dial-up connection, so tomorrow I'll update, run another scan to see if it has the same result and I'll let you know what happens. Apart from this, I don't intend to take any further action over this false positive, but I thought you should know about it. Madeline
  3. You're very welcome; I see from the other thread that you know about the latest changes now. I've noticed that sometimes they're a bit late in updating all parts of the site.
  4. Check out this topic for an answer!
  5. You can find this out by going to the 'Download' tab on the main site and from there click on 'Release Notes'. Release Notes for version 5.0.1128 Technology Changes for version 5.0.1128 * Improved and enhanced scanning engine * Resolved scheduled scanning issues happening on select systems * Updated SQLite Library for database access/bug fixes * Core Service update for scanning/detection assistance * Resolved ZIP archive zero-byte file scanning issue * .LNK file resolution update/fix
  6. I've dealt with this by unticking "Notify me if I have not checked for definition updates...." on my husband's account since he doesn't use the PC as much as I do. This notification facility would make a lot more sense if the program recognised that updates have been checked for, regardless of which user did so. Madeline
  7. I like the new version very much, particularly the fact that updates now need to be downloaded only once to appear on each user account, which is great with my slow connection. However, I've noticed that if my husband opens SAS to scan, it will tell him that he hasn't checked for updates for xx days; this is despite the fact that I may have updated earlier the same day and the defs are up to date. If he then checks for updates, he's told that the program is up to date! What's the point of this? OK, technically the notification is correct since a check wasn't carried out by that user, but it's a minor irritation all the same. Is this likely to be changed some time please? I apologise if this has been asked before, but I haven't seen this question on here. Madeline
  8. Although I wasn't one of the people who tested the pre-releases of version 5.0, I'd like to add my thanks to Nick and all at SAS for this excellent new version of the program. The update went well, it was very quick and easy. The database updates faster now and the scans complete in much less time than before. However, the icing on the cake for me as a dial-up user is that, as you said ages ago, I only need to download the updates once now and both user accounts on this PC have the latest definitions. This is truly wonderful and a great time-saver for all of us with slow connections and more than one user account. Many thanks for this great program, which is now better than ever - it looks really good too! Madeline
  9. Thank you very much, that's good to know. Sorry I didn't reply earlier; unfortunately I was unable to get here yesterday. Madeline
  10. @ Nick, or anyone else at SAS: Please see my post #14 above. May I have an answer to my question here or should I post it separately? Thanks, Madeline
  11. Congratulations Nick and good luck to all at SAS. However, I'd like to know what will happen to those of us who use the free version of SAS. Will it still be available to us? If so, would that be for the long term? Thanks, Madeline
  12. The link for 'Trojan Downloader' given above doesn't work; try the following one: Trojan Downloader Madeline
  13. That's excellent news, thanks. Another good reason to look forward to v5.0! In the meantime, I'll just go on updating as usual. Madeline
  14. .... takes ages! This is partly because I'm on dial-up and partly because it has to be done twice. I usually right click on the icon in the Notification Area and then click 'Check for Updates'. This is fine as far as it goes, I get the latest database, but it's apparently not system-wide. If I go to SAS on my husband's user account, it still shows the old defs. I used to download the latest defs as a .zip file and open it in both user accounts, but even then, it either didn't always show the correct defs or the right date - I've forgotten which! Is there any way I can download the new defs just once please? As it is, I update only once a day because it's so time-consuming. SAS seems to be the only program like this; with other programs I use, updates are system-wide. I find it odd too since scans do seem to be system-wide. Thanks for any advice you can give me. Madeline
  15. Thanks for the info robin. That's more or less what I thought to be the case, but it's good to have it confirmed. See also my reply to hayc59 above. Madeline
  16. Hi hayc59! Thanks for your replies. Actually, it was partly due to your post on CoU that I was a bit worried! I looked at the link you gave to the Pre-Release download and it said that any previous version should be uninstalled before getting the Pre-Release one. It didn't seem likely that I'd get anything other than the final version through SAS's updater, but I just wanted to check. This is what comes of being both slightly paranoid and easily confused! Madeline
  17. I think that the version we got was the final version. The download site here is now showing the current version as 4.50.1002. Madeline
  18. Late yesterday, 17th March, at about 11pm GMT, after doing a database update, I was offered an update in the usual way to version 4.50.1002. I clicked to download it and it's now installed. What I would like to know is what exactly have I now got? The Pre-Release version or the Final version? At no time was anything mentioned about it not being a normal update to a new version and I was not told to uninstall 4.49.1000 before installing the new version. Can you clarify this for me please. Thanks. Madeline
  19. Thanks for this! I had a look at this folder and there were only 2 things in it - one was an old SAS installer and the other was for a program that I uninstalled ages ago, so both of them have been deleted and the Wise Installation Wizard folder is currently empty. I've saved just over 11½MB of space by doing this, not a huge amount but I like to get rid of unnecessary stuff from my hard drive.
  20. I used to get the updates to SAS as described above by dumastro because I'm on dial-up and I might otherwise lose what had already been downloaded if the connection was dropped for any reason. I can't remember when or why I changed, but these days I use the updater in the program. It's rare that I lose a partial download* as my connection, although slow, is usually stable. All the same, it's tiresome to have to download updates twice as there are 2 user accounts on this PC. *This usually happens because I've forgotten that the connection will be dropped automatically by the ISP at the end of the time allowed! As far as Free Download Manager is concerned, I've been using it for some time now and I've never had any trouble with it. I used it when to get SAS updates in the past and it was fine. FDM opens whenever I download anything, regardless of which browser I'm using - mostly Firefox, but I use IE 8 and Google Chrome and a couple of others sometimes too. I've got it set so that my AV program scans downloaded files on completion of the download. I'm using an old version of FDM as it does all I need it to do and I see no reason to get a later version. I hope you're able to get your problem sorted dumastro.
  21. Thanks for the info Ol'Bud. I had a look where you said and "site preferences" was already deselected which is probably why I didn't have that issue! I'll make sure it stays that way too thanks to your advice.
  22. This isn't much help, but I'm running SAS Free 4.45.1000, SpywareBlaster 4.4, Firefox 3.6.12 and NoScript 2.0.4 and I'm not experiencing the problem you describe, although I get 1 item in the SpywareBlaster 'Restricted Sites' section disabled sometimes, but I think this is due to an issue with Spybot. I've not been aware of any problem on my PC involving SAS, SpywareBlaster, Firefox and NoScript and I hope you're able to get this sorted soon.
  23. @ siliconman01 Thanks for both your excellent advice and the links you posted in the other thread.
  24. Having read the articles linked to by siliconman01 in this thread I think it's a good thing that SAS has removed these Flash Cookies and if it takes a restart to get the job done properly, that's fine by me too.
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