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  1. Thanks GuiltySpark. All's well now since recent updates. Madeline
  2. This appears to be a False Positive.I've posted about it appearing on my laptop, along with another allegedly infected file, during an SAS scan earlier today.. Other people seem to be getting this FP too, have a look at the following thread in the FP forum: https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/7429-trojanagentgen-zbot
  3. I'm sorry that I couldn't be more helpful - this certainly seems to be an intractable problem at the moment. I don't know what else to suggest other than going to SAS Customer Service and Product Support: https://www.superantispyware.com/support.html You can also get there by clicking the link in the SAS program. I hope that you find a solution soon.
  4. I forgot to say that the 2nd link gives a couple more possibilities - CCleaner and System Restore Explorer. There are links to both on the site.
  5. Sorry to disagree with both of you, but what I said in post #2 should delete all restore points. Have a look at the following 2 links, which both say much the same thing: From Microsoft: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/Delete-a-restore-point The above site shows you 1. How to delete all restore points 2. How to delete all but the most recent restore point From Windows 7 Forums: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/336-system-protection-restore-points-delete.html This site gives the same details as the 1st link.
  6. When you turned off System Protection for the drive in question, did you also click on 'Configure' and then on 'Delete'? Apparently, if you do that it deletes all restore points, which includes system settings and previous versions of files. This should get rid of everything currently in the SVI folder. You should then reboot, turn System Protection back on and create a new restore point. I'm not sure that SAS could get into the SVI folder anyway.
  7. Hi, Ever since I've had v5.1.1002 (free), I've had a pop-up on each of my PCs 'reminding' me to get the pro version. How frequently is this likely to happen and is there any way of stopping it please? This hasn't happened previously, I'm happy with the free version of SAS and I don't like being nagged! Thank you. Madeline
  8. I'm still convinced that the problem lies with Google Chrome as the problem of many cookies being found by SAS arises for me only when I don't have 'Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser' ticked in that browser. DNT+ is irrelevant in this respect as I didn't have it when the issue first arose. I think I'll probably stay with Ghostery, rather than change to DNT+ as it seems to me, after some checking, that Ghostery blocks more trackers. That's right, I've done this in Firefox already. Incidentally, your version of Firefox is out of date as it was updated to version 13.0 on June 5th (the update to v12.0 was on April 24th). Have a good weekend! Madeline
  9. Hello again Don M, You're right about Opera, it's a good browser. As you may have gathered, I like using different browsers sometimes - I use Safari too! It's clear that you, like me, read and check what you're installing when you download a program. Alas, there are many people who do not do so, and you could say that it's their lack of responsibility for their actions that helps to keep PC repairers in business, so it's not all bad! I'm glad to learn that SAS make it clear what's included in their download. I certainly wouldn't want SAS to go out of business as I've had the program for ages. I've recommended it to other people too because it's an excellent program. Have a good weekend! Madeline
  10. Hi Calistoga, I just did a scan with SAS on my XP PC and it found nothing. I don't have DNT+ on there. At the moment, I can't decide whether to keep DNT+ or stay with Ghostery which I've had for some time now, as Abine don't recommend having both. Another decision to make! Madeline
  11. @ Don M, There's nothing wrong with people getting paid if they make it clear that you're downloading something else with their software. If they don't do so, it seems like sharp practice to me, although many companies do it. Unfortunately, people frequently are careless and keep on clicking 'Next' without reading things properly. Yes, it's a 'poor excuse', but it happens all the time and that's how many people end up with infected PCs. Clearly you like Google Chrome, so that's fine for you, but it won't suit everyone. Although I've got it, it's probably my least favourite browser - I much prefer Firefox and IE 9. The fact that a program bundled with a download is a 'good' program is almost irrelevant if it's something that you don't really want. Even legitimate software can sometimes be very difficult to get rid of if you don't want it - the only saving grace is that it probably won't harm your computer! Madeline
  12. This sort of thing is really annoying and I doubt if SAS think that Google Chrome is better than any other browser. Fortunately, the question doesn't seem to arise when getting the update via the program rather than downloading the full version. People are often careless about declining any 'extras' when installing programs and end up with all kinds of things that they don't want. Presumably Google are paying SAS to include their browser in the download, but I hope that SAS will abandon this rather underhand practice and find other ways of making money. Madeline
  13. Hi Calistoga, A few points: 1. I was getting 70+ cookies before I'd ever heard of Do Not Track Plus, so I don't think that the latter is the problem. 2. I installed Do Not track Plus on Firefox 13.0 (my default browser), Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Google Chrome. 3. I unticked 'Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser' in Chrome and ran a scan with SAS while Do Not Track Plus was still enabled. 70+ cookies were found. 4. I then disabled Do Not Track Plus and left the option mentioned in (3) above unticked and ran another scan with SAS. Again, 70+ cookies were found. 5. I re-enabled Do Not Track Plus and ticked 'Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser' again, ran a 3rd scan with SAS and - guess what? NO cookies were found! 6. My conclusion therefore is that this problem is down to Google and not SAS or Do Not Track Plus. SAS has rarely found cookies when I've been using the other browsers I mentioned anyway. This problem arose only when I used Chrome which isn't all that often as I'm not very keen on it. @ abine Thank you for the info you gave above. Do Not Track Plus seems to me to be an excellent program which I'm very pleased to have on my PCs. Many thanks. Madeline
  14. You're very welcome Calistoga. I doubt very much if 'Do Not Track Plus' has any bearing on the matter despite what it says in those FAQs as I was having the same problem as you and, until I saw it mentioned here, I'd never heard of 'Do Not Track Plus'! It looks like a good program though, so I'll probably try it out. Madeline
  15. I've been having similar results on SAS scans as you're having Calistoga. When I noticed that 99.9% (or more) of the cookies found were down to Google Chrome, I decided to try to stop it. One option is to prevent SAS from scanning for them, i.e. untick 'Scan for tracking cookies' under the 'Scanning Control' tab in 'Scanning and Program Preferences' - found by going to 'View Control Center (Preferences/Options)...'. Another option, which is what I did and seems to have worked so far, is to change your settings in Google Chrome. Go to the Spanner (wrench) icon, then to Settings and click on 'Show advanced settings', then go to 'Privacy' and click on the 'Content settings...' button and make sure that the following options are ticked (you've probably got the first 2 ticked already): 1. Allow local data to be set (recommended) 2. Block third-party cookies and site data 3. Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser Click on 'OK' at bottom of the Content settings page and close it. This suits me fine and I hope that you find it useful. Madeline
  16. At least the SAS home page has been updated now. I think it's a great pity that update notifications and availability aren't better co-ordinated; it makes a good program look sloppy and that's not a good impression to give - particularly with an anti-malware program. I like SAS, I've used it for ages and I've recommended it to other people, so I hope the admin will improve soon! Madeline
  17. At last I've got version 5.0.1150 via the program, only almost 2 weeks after I heard about it too! It's a bit of a cheek that, on the SAS Release History site, it says that this version was released today (30th May)! I suppose that's true if you got it through the program. It might be a good idea to update the SAS Home page, where it's still showing the latest version as 5.0.1148. Madeline
  18. Unimpressive and inefficient. Madeline
  19. I agree with you entirely miguelgrado; it's now 6 days and this failure to make the update available through the program is disgraceful. @ Michael G, or anyone else at SAS Customer Service, I'd be fascinated to learn your definition of 'soon'! Here are some I've found in a couple of dictionaries which you might like to mull over: soon - In the near future, shortly soon adverb - 1. in a short time from now or from a stated time. 2. quickly; with little delay None of these definitions describes the protracted wait users of SAS, whether of the Free or Pro version, are currently experiencing. How soon is soon, how long is a piece of string...? Madeline
  20. Thank you Michael G. I hope it really will be soon, but to be on the safe side, I won't hold my breath waiting for it! Madeline
  21. Thanks DooGie, that's very useful to know. I'll probably give it another day or so before going for the full download. I hope to get my other questions answered by then too! I see that FileHippo already has the new version available for download. Madeline
  22. Hello, On 17/05/2012, I saw that SAS v.5.0.1150 had been released - indeed it can be downloaded from the download section on your own site. I would like to know when, if ever, this update will be offered at the same time that users update the program's database - or any other time for that matter. Are we supposed to download the full version of 16.4MB? If so, can we install it over the top of the current version? Where is the up to date Release History/change log? I know it's 'only' 4 days since the apparent release of this new version, but 4 days is a very long time when trying to protect one's PC(s) from malware. Another thing that occurs to me is that 16.4MB is a large download if you're on dial-up, as I was until a couple of months ago, so it would be very nice for users who have a slow connection to be offered updates promptly via the program as this method is a great deal quicker. I hope that somebody will answer my queries soon! Thank you. Madeline
  23. Thanks SASJoe and don't worry about any 'inconvenience', at least I know now how easy it is to send in a report and get a False Positive fixed. I won't hesitate to do this again if necessary, but I doubt if it'll be a regular event! Have a good weekend! Madeline
  24. Hi SASJoe, This is wonderful, I wasn't expecting it to be fixed so quickly! I'm very impressed by your efficiency and it's nice not to have the False Positive show up any more; it was the first False Positive I've had with SAS. Many thanks for your help, Madeline
  25. Hello again SASJoe, I've run the scan and reported the False Positive as requested. Will you let me know, either here or by e-mail, when this is fixed please? Many thanks, Madeline
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