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  1. Thankyou for your reply, i dont have the error any more and for some reason my laptop starts up quicker, so thank you for that aswell Srimera
  2. Sorry to be a pain, but it seams to have been fixed in a system restore, i went back to last weeks settings, funny thing is, avg found it again and so did SAS, so i removed it with SAS first and its not found it again, and rescanning with avg doesnt find it any more, so it must have been something avg did, but still i get the missing DLL error for dmsnt32.DLL, what would i do about this to remove the error ? Srimera
  3. all programs used so far are working fine, altho i have many programs so i may come across a problem in the future. and what i meant was ... AVG pro 9 got rid f it, i healed it, it moved to the vault and then i cleared the whole vault, and its my understanding that AVG or any other antivirus gets rid of dodgy files by adding characters to the file names rendering them invisible to the programs trying to use them, this is where SAS kicks in, even tho the file has been deleted by AVG, SAS is picking it up and saying it has been found and removed in the scan, then tells me to restart, so i do and i get the error again, and when i run SAS again it finds it, even tho AVG doesnt, so what do i do to SAS to make it get rid of the dodgy file ? or do i have to find the DLL and delete it manually ? any help will be brilliant Srimera
  4. Hi guys, im a first time poster here so be gentle ive recently bought SAS Pro and after installation found hundreds and hundreds of malicious files on all my hard drives, and SAS pro got rid of all but 1, dmsnt32.DLL, i looked on the net and it says nothing about it at all, the closest i could find was dmsynth32.DLL, dmsnt32 was found by AVG 9 Pro and put into Quarantine, then healed, and now SAS cannot remove it, even tho its not there any more. now also my laptop brings up a run Dll error on startup which is not a major problem to the machine but does worry me a bit as to what it could eventually do so all in all, how would i go about getting rid of it? any help would be brilliant, im running vista 32 home, laptop is an acer apsire 6920G, used mainly for gaming so the only interaction with the net would be through Steam client or when playing online, the last thing i downloaded was S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call Of Pripyat from steam. thanks in advance for any info
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