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  1. Thanks again. Just a note, since SAS caused me and my wife to be locked out of opening the laptop it only seemed reasonable to remove it once the proper DLL file was renamed and I again had access to the PC. My guess is that it was Ubuntu which changed something that made the Internet go down, but I can't know for sure. So in a simple cause and effect Ubuntu is probably the sinner. But since I was only using Ubuntu to get access to my PC after SAS broke it down, then whose to blame? Anyways problem solved and that's all that matter.. cheers
  2. 1. I have a linksys router only, as mentioned above. I wrote clearly: "We use a router only. It is a Linksys router.". I have also stated which version. 2. I am using another computer to write these posts. As also mentioned above I have three other devices who with no problems can connect to the Internet. ANYWAYS, as mentioned above, LSPfix solved the problem. After a reboot it actually worked!
  3. HEY - GREAT!! A reboot after LSPfix actually helped and it is now connected to the Internet!! Thanks a lot for your time and help! Great program (LSPfix) by the way! I have to remember that one..!
  4. Not sure about the combination thing. Router is: Linksys DRAFT-N ROUT WRT150N I just tried to run LSPfix.exe. It found some errors but I clicked next before writing them down and now they are gone. But after doing it, I strangely do not see the wireless connection icon (that before had the yellow exclamation mark) in the bottom right corner. It is gone. It is still in "network places" and still have the yellow exclamation mark. Find it strange that I need to hard reset the router though.
  5. Hi Thanks. I can now populate the list of wireless connections, but I am unable to connect to ANYTHING. It still has the yellow exclamation mark of limited to no access when connecting to my home network. We use a router only. It is a Linksys router.
  6. I downloaded the drivers that I was suggested at the Toshiba thread and installed them. These are genuine XP drivers. The new is that I can see a list of wireless devices. However I am unable to connect to one. The one I usually use at home I have tried with three other devices (cell phone, this laptop, and a regular PC). So the wireless connection works. But I still have the "limited or no connection" but at least the list of wireless devices is populated. What to do?
  7. Obviously going to the Toshiba forum I wasn't going to expound on all the details about Superantispyware, using Ubuntu, changing the SAS dll file, so I wrote the short version over there lest they would just refer to you guys.. You have the whole story in this thread, as I told. The laptop is from Europe, Danish version, bought in Denmark. edit: it seems the Toshiba site indeed only offers Windows 7 drivers. How odd.
  8. WTF If you look at when it was posted it fits in the middle of this thread, so no there is absolutely no discrepancies here. I ran SAS, then had ZERO access to the laptop!!!! After getting reply in this thread, I managed to get access with Ubuntu. Then I changed the name of the SAS dll file. Remove SAS (and Bullguard by the way) Then reboots laptop and have now no access to Internet. Just like I explained on this thread. I did not go into details about how SAS left me with NO access to the laptop because that problem was already solved when I posted at Toshiba.. Is this how you help people who tried using your program and then suffer an old and known issue with your program? I already used a couple of days of VERY valuable time right now on trying to get her back online!!
  9. I did download the driver from: http://nordic.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/SUPPORTSECTION/discontinuedProductPage.do?LNG=19&service=ND&tab=1&highlightOption=123444&com.broadvision.session.new=Yes&PRODUCT_ID=117168 Here is the info about the laptop: Satellite M100-149 Part number : PSMA2E-00R00WED * Intel® Celeron® M-processor 420 * Original Windows® XP Home Edition * 60 GB harddisk * 768 (256 + 512) MB DDR2 RAM (533 MHz) * 14.1" Toshiba TruBrite WXGA TFT-skærm * DVD Super-multidrev (Double Layer) Unfortunately it didn't seem to work.. I directed to the right driver and yet it still doesn't work. Not even after a reboot.
  10. "Does the wireless network card show as working correctly in Device Manager?" Nope it shows the yellow exclamation mark "Are you able to connect to other wireless networks?" Nope. List is empty. "You might also want to try the SAS repair tool called "Repair broken Network Connection". The repair is in Preferences>Repairs." I have uninstalled the SAS program.
  11. Hi There was no virus / malware found. I have access to the laptop and have backed up all data (documents, favorites etc.). But can it really be so that there is no way to connect to the Internet, getting the network card to work. I find it an extreme measure that I need to reformat the laptop just because of that and generally because I was using SuperAntiSpyware. Surely there must be a way to get the laptop back on the Internet? Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I just tried again. And I direct to the correct driver after removing and re-finding the wireless adapter. However the internet is still marked with the yellow exclamation sign: "limited or no access to internet". I also made sure the button on the laptop for wifi is turned on. Not sure what color it usually is but it is red. Anything else I can try?
  13. Unfortunately the Internet is not working after this whole exercise. The laptop can't find any wifi connections. So I assume Ubuntu (despite promising not to affect the PC) has changed some system file. OR the deletion of superantispyware let to some system file getting lost. Any suggestions?
  14. I did option one. It didn't work at first. Ubuntu didn't load. Then I read this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions So I tried clicking F6 and choose "acpi=off" and that worked, Ubuntu started to load. Once inside Ubuntu you have access to all files. I then followed advice from other threads on the web about this issue and found this file: dll-file: "SASWINLO.dll" rename file to "SASWINLO.dll.OLD" Then I closed Ubuntu and restarted the PC. I had to power off. And VOILA, computer booted correctly. Now the last thing to do is: /uninstall superantispyware Thanks for help in this thread! Draccan
  15. So I have put Ubuntu on a DVD. But I am not sure exactly what to do now. Should I: 1. Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer 2. Install Ubuntu 3. Check disc for defects 4. Test memory 5. Boot from first harddisk ? Thanks
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