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  1. SAS's recent definition update has corrected this false positive.
  2. This file is still being falsely detected as of today even after updates. See image below which shows the normal place it resides (Windows) plus my backup location in ZZTEMP. Of course I did not remove it.
  3. Yeah, that's fine. The file date doesn't really matter. On my file date it shows the date I installed the file(s) on my newer PC. The modification date will probably show the original creation date. Not sure what version of UMAX scanner you have (mine is an UMAX Astra 2100u). Modification date shows 7/24/2000. Hope this helps.
  4. Yes, this is definitely a false positive. I just had it detected today myself and reported it to SAS as a FP. I've had a UMAX scanner (from the Win98 days) and it still works very well. The file "U2x00.DLL" resides in the Windows directory and is dated on my PC as created 6/3/2007 (when I installed it on my new XP system). The modified date shows: 7/24/2000... so it's a really old file. I even uploaded it to VirusTotal and every single scanner says it's clean. Hopefully SAS will update the definitions to correct this. Hope this helps. See partial screen shot below:
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