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  1. I have to agree but since we are longtime users of SAS Lifetime Licenses and all and if it turns out to be great then you think they would help us as we can tell others about it, word of mouth is the best support of a product and you can take that to the BANK!
  2. Com-on this has been going on for many months! Is it going to happen or not and if it will when? I sent my info and still silence.........
  3. Triple Helix


    The forum is being taken over by Spammers! https://forums.superantispyware.com/profile/52590-mahi01/
  4. I tested the Trial version of SUPERAntiSpyware Pro X and I don't see any of the Avira database? So is it even out?
  5. And now Avira acquired by NortonLifeLock: https://techcrunch.com/2020/12/07/nortonlifelock-acquires-avira-in-360m-all-cash-deal-8-months-after-avira-was-acquired-for-180m/ How is that going to affect our Lifetime Pro licenses? @SASupport also any news??????
  6. Did you get a PM from me? What I did I sent a PM to someone else and then I added your name and removed the other so it looks like it was sent??? If not I will send you and email! Thanks,
  7. @SASupport It will not allow me to type anything in the PM? How about sending via Email?
  8. @SAS_support @nighthawkext Com-on guys time is a wasting. I can't think this slow. Give us a yes or a no or even give us a couple years with the Avira engine and be done with Life-timers?
  9. @nighthawkext They already have a Free version? https://www.avira.com/en/free-antivirus-windows
  10. @javahound @ProTruckDriver @geoff @hayc59 I think we just need more info that's all!
  11. @ProTruckDriverI have updated and it's still working for me so I think Lifetime License is still honoured. But I don't think the Avira engine is active at this time?
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