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  1. And now Avira acquired by NortonLifeLock: https://techcrunch.com/2020/12/07/nortonlifelock-acquires-avira-in-360m-all-cash-deal-8-months-after-avira-was-acquired-for-180m/ How is that going to affect our Lifetime Pro licenses? @SASupport also any news??????
  2. Did you get a PM from me? What I did I sent a PM to someone else and then I added your name and removed the other so it looks like it was sent??? If not I will send you and email! Thanks,
  3. @SASupport It will not allow me to type anything in the PM? How about sending via Email?
  4. @SAS_support @nighthawkext Com-on guys time is a wasting. I can't think this slow. Give us a yes or a no or even give us a couple years with the Avira engine and be done with Life-timers?
  5. @nighthawkext They already have a Free version? https://www.avira.com/en/free-antivirus-windows
  6. @javahound @ProTruckDriver @geoff @hayc59 I think we just need more info that's all!
  7. @ProTruckDriverI have updated and it's still working for me so I think Lifetime License is still honoured. But I don't think the Avira engine is active at this time?
  8. Yes I would like to know as well! Hey there G man!
  9. I agree as PUA's & PUP's are getting out of control. TH
  10. I had to rejoin like you said! Thanks

  11. Yes well done keep up the great work! TH
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