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  1. Also there with update 7995 Nov.28 2011 Unable to access IE 8 with Real Time Protection on.
  2. Do not recommend editing your registry. To disable icon in system tray-- Open Superantispyware control centre-- General and Start-up -- Uncheck box opposite show superantispyware icon in system tray. You may or may not have to restart your computer.
  3. skoop

    Update Option

    No Problem Seth I have been doing a manual update. This was just a suggestion and maybe "food-for-thought" in future versions
  4. skoop

    Update Option

    To allow me to select the update in my computer "slow time" as I find that the update when downloading does slow things down.
  5. skoop

    Update Option

    SuperAntiSpyware Professional Lifetime Subscription Only option for updating now is every eight hours or start of program. Would like to see a new update option added that would give the user the option to update everyday at a time to be specified by the program user.
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