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  1. You install avast and MSE at the SAME TIME !?! (I don't think the hooks for each can work at the same time buddy) I don't think that's a good idea at all to install two AV programs at the same time. Also don't crap all over SAS because you are to stupid to learn to use it's functionality like for example exclusions. If you had IT skill more than simply installing the friggin software then you would have created exclusions that simply made SAS completely ignore your beloved Avast's files and you would have never had the problem in the first place. I suggest you switch to a new security methodology and software. Eset NOD32 MBAM Pro realtime Outpost Pro firewall SAS Pro scheduled scan before each incremental backup HitmanPro scheduled scan before weekly full backup OpenDNS dns services This is what I use with clients and I've never had a FP render a machine inoperable nor mess with other AV software nor even an infection in like... YEARS. The thing is though buddy I know how to use the software properly with skills above that of an luser luddite thus I create exclusions between the various apps so they don't conflict with each other or scan each others files or quarantines. Also all my clients are on Win7 X64 not XP win32 like so many foolish outfits are still using. Bloody masochists if you ask me !
  2. The option to adjust this feature is within the "Schedualed Tasks" section of the UI. Select the task and hit edit. Below is the options for a task. The checkboxes that should interest you are "Do not show user interface while performing this task.", "Quarantine and remove infected files without prompting.", "Reboot the computer if required to complete task." For the type of application I think SAS has great schedualing with decent granularity for a simple malware removal program. It was well worth purchasing Pro if not for moral reasons if you use it often. I'm not sure why you would need to run two ondemand scans in a day though. I'm curious, are you a Firefox user? and if so... Have you ever heard of NoScript and Adblock Plus? If your surfing habbits give you reason for concern then you clearly need to checkout these solutions. I can't imagine surfing the web with anything other than Firefox with these "Add-ons". NoScript Adblock Plus FireGestures Flagfox HTTPS-Everywhere DownloadHelper Checkplaces Firebug ← every webdev needs that ! The skin I use is FT Deepdark. Firefox has gone through so many versions and builds that last number of years and due to changes being made and the resulting user profile folders and config getting corrupted or having screwy settings/values, many users move onto Chrome. These users didn't understand the reason they have had firefox issues is their user profile and config has been used since version 3 because they never uninstalled it and removed the firefox %appdata% folder et al. I think it's time these users revist Firefox. The way I have firefox configured as well as Nod32, Outpost Pro, MBAM realtime and OpenDNS in all honesty I don't think it's possible for me to follow an HREF in firefox to a resulting infection. I feel safe to hit any URL I can click on and don't result to a SAS ondemand scan TWICE A DAY... GIGGLE PS it's a good idea to reboot a computer at least every three or four days IMHO if only to reinitialize the kernel et al. A workstation isn't an embedded appliance like device ehh !!! (Linux for the most part... heck I've seen uptimes for routers measured in YEARS in some instances though rare)
  3. Good point. As a general rule it's never a good idea to run an ondemand scan with any AV/malware protection software while applications are running especially a browser. I guess SAS just figure most users realize this.
  4. Then learn to use all the functions of SAS for god's sake !!! I seriously don't get fellow "IT" people that appear not skilled or aware enough to understand the best policy for AV/malware software is to CREATE EXCLUSIONS PEOPLE for the application install directory, it's %appdata% forlder and quarantine location for other concuranly installed AV/malware software. IMHO this is a NO BRAINER but hey... what the hell do I know ehh !!! PS it's the REASON THE FUNCTION IS EVEN THERE PEOPLE !!!
  5. Upload the file to virustotal.com and see what the report looks like. Again I see a user that doesn't set SAS to have exclusions. You need to set it to exclude your AV program folder and it's %appdata% folder as well as the quarantine location. If you do this those issues will never happen people !!! I would also consider purchasing AV and my suggestion is Eset Nod32. Don't bother with the smart security version with a firewall as it simply confuses most users and hey... if you can't even setup basic exclusions to prevent AV/malware software from messing with each others installation files or quarantines then there is no way in hell you're skilled enough to understand how to create working rules for a personal firewall...
  6. I hate to say it but man... SAS is not very good for realtime protection. Infact it's so poor I don't even use it for such though I haven't lab tested the newest builds. IMHO a much better solution for your Doctor client is the following. Eset NOD32 MBAM pro for realtime and content filtering. Outpost Pro firewall if needed and not to complex for user SAS for ondemand scanning based on a schedual that scans before system backup Hitman pro for ondemand scanning based on a schedual that scans before weekly full image backup Also create exclusion rules for each program to ignor the files and quarantines of the other applications. This is what I do for my clients and I have never experienced FP issues due to the fact I don't allow each program to even scan the file footprint of each other's installation. Another thing I do for my clients is get them to open a OpenDNS account. By using their DNS servers for your client you can then take advantage of their domain/URL filtering. Site that host malware simply will not be accessable due to DNS lookup filtering by OpenDNS. Many many tier 1 outfits and major corporations use OpenDNS for this very reason alone! I have not seen a client become infected using this methodology and software in almost 4 years !!! PS they are all Win7 X64 systems though... I can't believe people in a business environment are still using XP considering it's piss poor security and unstablility.
  7. How about this Robin... You learn how to use the features of SAS and create exclusions for the AVAST! files and quarantine location. Any IT person worth their salt would have already done this no !?!
  8. Are you aware that SAS can have exclusions !!! I set all my AV and malware protection to exclude the app directories, %appdata% folder and quarantine location of each others software footprint. IMHO this is a NO BRAINER software policy and one I thought most IT people were aware of but it appear to not be the case. Why do you people even think the exclusion functionality is even there in practically ALL AV/malware protection software !!!
  9. Remember the "beetle" in the tray area... double click it to open UI. PS When SAS first starts it can lag with regard to the tray interface during initial load. Wait 20 seconds then double click tray icon.
  10. Sounds like a PEBKAC or an ID107 error to me !!! LOL weft3663 When you run SAS it doesn't open a window as you think. What superantispyware.exe does is run a tray icon you can click on to open the user interface. This is the "beetle" you refer to and that area of the task bar is called the tray. When you have been running it in normal mode when you double clicked it to run it (do you not have it set to start with windows for tray interface as this is the default) it simply shows up in the tray next to the clock as the beetle. You double click this beetle to open the user interface. As a user of the software I'm surprised you don't seem to understand how to even open the application. As for your daily reinstalls... Please explain and/or forward error logs as to determine the problem. Also do you have any firewall/HIPS running that could possibly be causing the issue? Recently I experience a memory leak using real-time on XP SP3. The version was 4.50.1000 To determine if it's a memory leak CTRL-ALT-DEL to task manager. The click Processes tab. The click view in the edit menu then "select columns". The check "page faults". Look to see what sascore and superantispyware.exe is using and if the page fault memory increases. I found leak in superantispyware.exe would leak until the pagefile was overloaded and mem space used up. Really bad leak too! I did manage to cure it on the XP SP3 machine though. What I did was uninstall SAS using their removal tool. Reboot. Set page file to zero/ no page file. Reboot. Then I deleted old page file. Then I re-enabled the page file. Rebooted... Then I installed SAS 4.51.1000 and enabled real-time protection. 4 days later no huge pagefault increase/memory leak. PS Considering the leak and the issues/state of recent late 4.x builds I can't help but wonder if the 4.x codebase is being abandoned/less debug work etc for obvious reasons considering 5.x is pending release... just a thought...
  11. Hey SAS friends! Recently I've decided to stop using SAS for real-time protection due to it's poor performance (hope ver 5 is much improved in this regard) and have switched to another Malware vendor for realtime protection. I still love SAS and will continue to purchase/sell full versions as I would feel much guilt if I used it as a freebee to the extent I do. As such I no longer have the sascore64.exe startup set to auto but manual. I also don't have the tray running either. I do though wish to scan with SAS... The problem I have with ver 4.51.1000 is when I have no tray running I can't right click context menu in explorer to manual scan a particular file or folder. The context menu is gone. BUT when I load superantispyware.exe tray it appears. I don't get it... with the free version install one has right click context scan. I wish to have this ability but not have the tray or the core service running. How?
  12. I do have experienced slow starts. Also the latest build seems to jump to as high as 30% cpu util sporadically! What gives?
  13. There is no way he can install XP properly on that notebook due to it's chipset. The only way with XP is to use a slipstreamed copy of XP with the relevent chipset drivers available for the installer script. The Windows XP installer will crash over an over again with that notebook UNLESS the notebook chipset drivers are slipstreamed onto the XP installer disk... Use nlite to create the needed XP disk or PM me and I'll send you a torrent to download it.
  14. As for your pirated copy of Office... I'd uninstall groove because it can be a real pain in the ass... Buddy I've been looking at your hijack log and man you have so much CRAP loaded it's friggin outrageous!!! You can't load more than one firewall buddy... You have so many remlents of AV etc software on that machine most any AV/spyware software wouldn't run properly. You need to uninstall all of the CRAP... Remove all the Symantec and McAfee stuff using add remove programs THEN use the norton removal tool and McAfee removal tool. It's pretty obvious due to your prose and state of your machine you're a 15- year old non english speaker who pirates MS Office and Adobe CS etc. That fact your here and all of the AV/malware/firewall stuff installed on your machine you have a feeling your infected ehh buddy... Considering the amount of pirated software you install I'd bet money you're totally rooted by the bad guys... LOL And almost deserved... By the way the issue with SAS has nothing to do with SAS and everything to do with your machine being bloated with AV/malware/firewall installs due to your user habits... PS Nero became a bloated POS many moons ago... shocked to see people still using it with all it's bloat etc. try Ashampoo Burning Studio free 6.77 PSS I'd bet money we'll never see the kid comment or come here again...
  15. First off Windows XP "Black" is a pirated build of windows with god knows what dependencies etc installed. After over a decade of deployment you still don't have a legit copy buddy!!! I hope you do realize you can create exclusions in Avira and SAS so they don't try to scan each others install files etc both real and ondemand. Create an exclusion in Avira so it doesn't scan any of SAS's files exe etc. As for your pirated copy of MBAM, I'd disable it's realtime protection because in all honesty it's poor compared to SASpro. As for Avira, stop being a cheapskate and purchase an AV package. I suggest NOD32 AV and not the "Smart Security Suite" etc. If your're at the level of not understanding what the page file is then surely a firewall would do nothing but confuse you. All of the browser tool bars installed hints you are a rather clueless enduser.
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