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  1. The comments others have made are fine. I would like to thank the team for the release of the free W7 64 bit compatible version, which I have now installed after a gap (relied on another anti malware for a few months which did not find some Adaware tracking cookies found by SAS) .Well done and thanks again. I think the free version is good and encourages folk to upgrade in view of its relibilty.
  2. Great. We certainly appreciate this for a free service.Thanks to those who are working on it .
  3. I tried SAS (free) with W 7 64 bit as I liked it very much with XP 32 bit. There were many errors in "Eventviewer" such that i discontinued using this programme. I would be very inerested to know a launch date for the "free" version with W7 64 bit drivers.
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