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  1. I am experiencing the same thing on my HP XP laptop. We have been using SAS for about 4 years, and this is the 1st time it's happened. The worst part is that you cannot get out of SAS because it is not finished quarantining and removing the 45 items it found. I hate to just turn off the computer because I don't know what will get trashed. Please help. Thanks. jj
  2. Seth- Great! Thanks for your tenacity.
  3. Good to know. So, what you are saying is that SAS repairs them so that they will notify me if AV and FW are off? (They will be Enabled?) Thanks.
  4. Hi Seth- Thanks. Yes, I run Avast antivirus. Everything (including Firewall)is enabled "on" in my security center. This is a true weirdness. If anyone figures out where this came from, I for one would like to know. Thanks for you help
  5. Is this a false Positive? SAS finds no cookies, no adware (which is impossible, given that my MSN portal is always counted as a cookie)) but keeps coming up with this? In the 3 years I have been using SAS this is the first time I've had registry key positives. I scan daily and on reboot. See Attached file where it shows "firewall disable notify" is disabled and "antivirus disable notify." These do NOT go away when I click the Quarantine button. I see that they are unchecked when I expand the file. I am afraid to check them since I don't know if this will remove something that should not be removed. I have scanned w/SAS 4 times with the same results. I ran a complete Avast scan and had 18 trojans, (9 in photoshop (which I haven't used in a couple of weeks) and 9 is restore.My son says this is because I use IE as a browser. We have had a couple of quick shutdowns given we are in Florida and have unexpected lightning (a storm can be 20 miles away and suddenly you ave a lightning strike on a sunny day), but that is the only unusual activity.
  6. You are really lucky that you've been able to remove the problem. I cannot access ANYTHING with the laptop after infection from Antivirus Soft!!! And you're right, it flits from file to file and opens browsers which cannot be accessed or closed, etc. We have the SAS professional version (paid) on 2 computers. My husband got infected this morning. I shut down the wireless on his, and submitted a support ticket to SAS. The reply was that they couldn't help me unless they could scan the computer online (my husband's laptop), which by result of this infection cannot access the Internet, or anything else for that matter. It hijacked SAS at the start, so I can't run it. What if I shut the computer off? Will that help oor hurt the situation? Can anyone tell me somewhere else to get the fix without spending money we don't have? Up til now I've been very happy with SAS and recommended it to many people. I thought this, in conjunction with Avast, would keep us safe... wrong-o. Who are these infantile nuts who waste so much of our time with their stupid games (viruses, etc.)that cost us so much time and money? (Sorry for this last rant, it's just that no one seems able to catch the perps.)...
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