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  1. It seems that this has been caused by an attack earlier which whilst I cleaned it out, clearly left some carbage in the system restore file. This prevented the system taking automatic checkpoints. I just deleted all the system restore points and all is now OK. Thanks for your assistance, anyway.
  2. Unfortunately I cannot upload the offending file as when I attempt to restore it from the virus vault AVG then sees it as a threat and only allows it to go back to the virus vault. Is there any log file that I can provide to assist with the investigation ?
  3. AVG has started reporting threat detected File Name C:\System Volume Information\_restore etc. see attached jpg for details Threat Name Trojan Horse SHeur3.GWS detected on open The process name reported is C:\WINDOWS\system32|svchost.exe Which I assume is a restore checkpoint the system is trying to create. As the only option is to place offending file in tthe virus I don't think the checkpoint is being completed. All scans using Superantispyware do not detect any infections.
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