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  1. Hi all,

    I was surfing on net looking for something and opened a page...Malwarebyte/Superantispyware warned/caught a virus.... Emsisoft Anti-Malware (paid one) did nothing!

    I could put the link, i do not know if i am allowed! I do not want to infect anyone's PC!

    I only found it in SuperAntiSpyware quarantine, Realtime Protection. It's Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kryptik.Process......\local\temp\more.exe....


  2. Hi Emy.

    What version of Windows are you using, and is it 32 bit or 64 bit?

    Please see my previous post if you're running 64 bit

    Thanks. Its fine now. I had beta installed over v.4.37, i think....and installed v.4.38.1004 over all of them and therefore I had problem.

    I uninstalled all of them, restarted the system and did a fresh install of latest release.

    Now is fine, idle mode CPU->0 load


    I have , as i said Windows 7 64 bit

  3. When you have a problem such as this, you need to provide some system details so we can see what might be going on - did you do a complete uninstall and re-install? Are you 32 or 64 bit? What OS?

    Thanks yu for replay.

    I have windows 7 64 bit and I do not think I did a clean uninstall/install of the Prg. In fact I had the latest v. on my laptop and v.4.37 on other laptop. checked both of them, the 4.37 was working just fine.

    I will do a fresh uninstall/install of it to see if there will be any better.

  4. Hello everyone,

    I have installed the latest version of SAS PRO v4 38. 1004...I notice that the laptop's fan was on all the time, never stopped. I checked the task Manager and suprised that the processor ( i5 540) was 25% of load, I was doing nothing. Checked the programs and found that the SAS Pro was using 25%. i killed the process and the load went down to zero and the fan had stopped.

    I have installed v 4.37.1000 and is working perfect, SAS process while idle is 0, the other version 25% of processor.

    I will stick with the old version till will come up with an update. Is pity , I have 2 lincese and I might have to stopp using the prg.

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