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  1. SuperAntiSpyware gives a false positive for Easy_Split.exe of SimplyZip SuperAntiSpyware says that is is Trojan.Agent/Gen-Autorun[swisyn] Did a check in VirusTotal. Result: 1 /42 (2.4%) The only one that complained is SuperAntiSpyware.
  2. I had a Putty.exe in two Folders. Identical files. I used a File comparer and it said the files were identical. "D:\D Drive\Bart PE Programs\putty\Putty.exe" scanned okay. Made a "Copy of putty.exe" in folder "D:\D Drive\Bart PE Programs\putty\Putty.exe". I copied "Copy of Putty.exe" from "D:\D Drive\Bart PE Programs\putty\" to "J:\F Drive\Data\My Files 2\7zip\plugin\putty\". It also had a identical putty.exe in the path Both Files in folder "J:\F Drive\Data\My Files 2\7zip\plugin\putty\" scanned as Trorjan.Agent/Gen-FakeAlert This is really a stupid bug. Why would a different location make it think it was a trojan ?
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