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  1. guess what .i did find my copy from 2009 .sep 30 .that i had printed . i was sure that i had print my registraion number . but like i said i have 2 bundle of 500 pages print[printer paper come in 500 page ]i am on my 3 bundle now ] so i was really lucky to find it . so now i have 4 copy .lol. i do print a lot
  2. thank you all for your help . i did receive my ticket number . now i will make sure that i keep it in 2 place . so thank again .keep up the good work . yvesj
  3. here it is .[csr00045835]. thank you for your help . yvesj
  4. no i cant not i did try but i don't really know if i had the same e-mail address in 2007 because this when i receive receive super antispyware free [pro]. here is my story . i am a member of [virtual dr] forum and in 2007 i was talking about the best antispyware .so they recoment super antispyare to but the pro .so i reply that i could not buy it .so i did receive a private e-mail from a member asking me to gave my e-mail address and i will have super antispyare free because he said that he was working for them and he had so many to gave away in a year .so this is how i get it free for life .. but about a year or so ago the same thing happen so i contacted the office and they did send a registration munber to me .why that they don't do it this time i don't know . they never reply to e-mail .this is not a really go way to thead your customers . i will never recoment it no one .the service is to poor .
  5. hi .i am new on the forum . here is my problem .my computer crash on me and i had to replace my hard drive .now i cant not register my super-antispyware pro.because i was keeping all my info in my old drive .so now i cant not get it back . it was pay for life . so this is why i need to get them back . i did e-mail them last week but i never receive any reply from them . sorry for my spelling i am french and no school . yves
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