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  1. Thanks for your very quick reply. I removed the file from being protected from scanning and ran SAS again. I only scanned the folder where the radio player resides and SAS didn't see it this time. Maybe it was a one time fluke that SAS picked it up as malicious. BigPotz
  2. Hi, Superantispyware has reported a tiny radio player that is hosted by WWWdotWIN7VISTAdotCOM as some sort of spyware or malware. I have scanned my computer with ESSET security and more and it seems Superantispyware is the only product that makes this report. I can assure that this tiny little radio player hosted by WWWdotWIN7VISTAdotCOM for it's members, is a false positive. This forum is very trustworthy and, by far in my opinion, the most informative and helpful forum of it's kind on the Internet. I've included a screen shot of the scan. Thanks, BigPotz
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