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  1. Hi, Have you created a Support ticket? Go to https://www.superantispyware.com/technical-support.html Tell them what your problem is and hopefully they will help. Regards
  2. Yes, I was given a new serial number as it appears my old one had/has been compromised. Regards Pank
  3. I have not had a response from the Support team, is there a problem? My Pro version has been downgraded to Free. Regards Pank
  4. I only have the serial number on 1 Computer. Alex from the support team has been in touch and asked the same question. Regards
  5. I have created 2 support tickets (i.e. Contact Support Form) in the last couple of weeks as my lifetime licence key is being rejected with the message “The number of valid licences for the registration has been exceed” I have not heard anything from the tech department. I have asked for my key through the web and it gives me the same key as I have, but using it gives the same message Can anyone else help? Regards
  6. Support ticket CSR00130737 raised.
  7. Ever since I installed the current cersion (6.0.1158), I have never manually disabled SAS Core Service. Why would I want to? and yet people are pointing to this service being disabled. Anyway, my SAS Core Service is not disabled, it is set to Automatic, and I am getting this very annoying pop up numerious times a day.
  8. I second that. In fact I have always experienced this problem with previous versions as well. Please fix.
  9. Downloaded the latest version (6.0.1146) and the problems seems to have gone away. Will monitor over the naext few days.
  10. Version 6.0.1130 is installed on my PC. The PC is running XP, SP3. I have read thread headed SAS Home screen under the general questions in the forum but I keep experiencing the following problems:- Every time Windows starts up the SAS Home Screen pops up. It didn't do this before the recent update. I want SAS to start up with Windows, but I don't want the Home Screen to pop up every start-up. And yes, the "Show splash screen at start-up" option is unchecked. I also note that when the Home Screen pops ups, there is no SAS program showing in the system tray. I have set the definition updates to update every 1 hour. However, when it is time to update, I get the screen that shows the updates. Currently, Under Preference, I have unchecked the box against Run Super Anti Spyware in the background. When the option is ticked, it doesn’t make a difference, I still see the update screen. I have two users on the PC, and I am only experiencing the above problems with the User that installed the program on the PC, the other user has no issues and the program is working as required. Please note during installation it was installed for all users on the PC. The attached files shows the preferences I have set up. Any ideas would be appreciated as it is driving me nuts Preference.doc
  11. Every time Windows starts up the SAS Home Screen pops up. It didn't do this before the recent update. I want SAS to start up with Windows, but I don't want the Home Screen to pop up every startup. And yes, the "Show splash screen at startup" option is unchecked. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it keeps on doing the same. I have 2 users on the PC, it is only doing the above for the user that installed the software, the other user does not get the Home Screen when they logon. I have read this thread and tried all the recommendations. I am running XP, SP3. Any ideas?
  12. Can anyone advise when the above will be addressed?
  13. I have done what has been suggested, namely, uninstalling, rebooting, re-installing to the latest version and I am still experiencing the same problem that I described, where each user has to update the definition files. Any reason as to why this may be caused?
  14. I has SAS Pro on my machine and have 2 users defined on it. I have noticed that when 1 of the users updates to the latest definitions, it doesn’t automatically updated the definitions for the other user (i.e. I have to log on to the other user and download the same definitions). Is this supposed to happen or is there something wrong. My version of SAS is 4.0.1138 and the definitions were last update on the 3rd March 2010. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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