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  1. You have been great, patient and prompt. Thank you! . I looked at the new VS and it really is an improvement although I have been very satisfied with SAS .but Security always needs improving . Grandmere
  2. Thanks for the information . Will it be an automatic upgrade in the near future ? Is V5 a better scanner for Malware or or fsimply because SAS has been acquired by another Co. ? grandmere
  3. Sorry, my mistake. I have VS 4.54 . where do I click to get 5, obviously it is not in the regular upgrade feature I noticed that there is an installer which can be downloaded at the end of updating which list the latest threats . Is this it? It does not say specifically update definition or signature. For a newbie like me it is not clear. I didn't see in the FAQ a ny explanation either . Please advise. Grandmere
  4. I believe I have the latest paid version . I update almost daily . I was able to delete the logs in My C/drive . Problem solved
  5. There are 2 options.Keep detailed logs (recommended) and Save/Empty/Clean logs. . I unchecked :Save Empty/clean logs (why would anyone want to save these?) but the first option recommended is: save logs . my problem is all the old clean logs . I can only delete one at a time or did I miss something. I can only highlight one old log for deletion . I there another way to do this faster. Thank you for replying. Grandmere
  6. How do I i delete old clean logs? I have months and months of old logs . Is there an options to delete them at one time or do I have to delete them one by one? Thanks!
  7. I have just received an email with links to SAS , I didn't open, from "smallpox" ? How did he get my email address?
  8. Of course. I used Adm. to download. . I am curious why SAS didn't find these files . On line Armor is not known as a great AV ,but one of 2 best rated Firewalls; and neither did Malwarebytes. and both do a more thorough AV scan . I appreciate your help and your time but it is taking too much of my time to resolve this issue . I am going to look for other avenues to get this problem solved . Thanks again!
  9. The OTL logs were submitted to Emsisoft On line Amor and were clean . After downloading "aswMBR ." the scan couldn't be done becaue of the following error: C0000061 driver not loaded
  10. Thank for not giving up It exactly says what you typed + on each line it says :Suspicious ) High risk for the 1st one (alternate data stream) " Low " for the 2nd " (alternate data stream) This appears on The AV results from On-Line Armor ( part of the Suite) I also have Malwarebytes and they didn't reveal anything suspicious and neither did SAS It isn't a detailed log , just these 2 lines. I hope you can help I found them in in the Registry and deleted them but they re-appeared on the next re-boot. I don't like to do much in the Reg. as I know I could compromise the system
  11. The log only has these 2 lines . When I searched the files they were in Application data folder. I have the icons on my desktop as text files but they don't reveal anything and I am unable to open them except with Notepad and there are 2 lines of gibberish I can't translate .( It would help if notepad language was French or sSpanish .) i wouldn't be bothering you Many people are getting these entries , There must me some explanation. I don't know enough to get rid of them . . Thank you for trying. Grandmere
  12. A scan just ended and it was clean , the log has just 2 lines containing the info. I posted. In the last 2 days it seems that these files are not discovered every time . On the next scan , if they appear I will post attach them them.
  13. My firewall suite has detected 2 suspicious files in my C drive /document settings : A8ADE5d8(high risk) and DFC5A282( low risk} (alternate data stream) . They only show up in a deep scan . Tey haven't been caught by SUPERantiSpyware or Malwarebytes both paid versions. Ihave researched them on line an I can't find real answers as to risks . One answer was that the first one was created by Windows and if Ii deleted it (I never found it ) it would come back on the next re-boot. Tis has been going on for at least 2 weeks . I am inept when it comes to computers , I would appreciate re-assurance or help . Thanks grandmere
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