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  1. https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/6913-new-false-pos-after-update/page__view__findpost__p__27236 Any ideas yet on what you want ? ? This forum is slowing down a bit more than it ever has - Only a few posts and yet, several days for a reply ?
  2. Note that this item did not show on the report' date=' and I have been back to the scan logs where there is also no such item - I posted that I was unable to report it [b']any other way[/b], including a scan log and a print screen upload ! ! So a Copy / Paste of the item was all that I could add to the post - If there is another way, please advise me, as the item is still in a scan log (as of now) - Thank You -
  3. Not very hard to identify, as it has my avatar beside it 0 replies 2,438 views The above Copy / Paste was at the time of this post, so I take it as reasonably current and you have limited members - Has there been a problem with the item I posted in False Positives ? ? After 2,438 views, I thought you may have responded to the post, or are you still thinking about it ! ! One would think that at least ? 50 or 100 of the views were by SAS people, but do they have a problem ......... Has any decision been made ? ?
  4. I can not attach the picture that I wish to, but this is the latest scan result - File threats detected : 4 Trojan.Agent/Gen-Dropper C:\PROGRAM FILES\POPCAP GAMES\BEJEWELED 2 DELUXE\POPUNINSTALL.EXE C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ALL USERS.WINDOWS\START MENU\PROGRAMS\POPCAP GAMES\BEJEWELED 2 DELUXE\UNINSTALL BEJEWELED 2 DELUXE.LNK C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{8F93FF51-73B0-42B3-BB4B-B6CDF5618F8C}\RP1\A0000005.LNK C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{8F93FF51-73B0-42B3-BB4B-B6CDF5618F8C}\RP1\A0000009.EXE I have installed and used the Bejeweled 2 Deluxe game (from a genuine purchased CD) for several years on this computer and it is only in the last update of SAS that this has ever been mentioned. For this reason I believe it is a F/P and needs to be reviewed. Daily scans of MBAM and MSE (along with SAS) have never picked this item at any time, and only SAS picked it now ? ? Thank You -
  5. Never heard of anything like this - Even Google has no reference to any such infection ? ?
  6. From Windows forum - Most other M/soft updates have been patched now - This update could cause BSOD according to the topic - Regards - EDIT - One description and another solution by Patrick W Barnes -
  7. Hi - That seems odd to me , as MSE appears to work better on my XP than it will on my Win7 laptop - I have pulled MSE off the Win7 and replaced it with Avira , as that seems to be smoother than earlier versions - Plus no more Splash Screens with Avira these days -
  8. Thanks Seth - I just wondered what the actual wording was meant to convey - Clears it up - Regards -
  9. Hi all - I just thought Nick or Seth may be able to clarify the itemised entries in the latest product description - I just wondered how it Repaired Internet or did it mean it just helped to diagnose faults - Just a minor item as I had been asked by others that I was helping - I use SAS all the time , but find I still need other items to restore Internet - Thanks for any responses -
  10. Being unsure is the first signs of you not being right - Maybe you should have held off with posting this without Robin giving the OK first - I was only quoting my impressions at the time and also scanning while posting - I am aware I do not post here very often , I always look , but this item needed a response - My response was only based on Personal current and past experiences with MSE and other programs - Thank You -
  11. I have been running MSE on 2 units for quite a while now - An older XP SP3 unit and a newer Win7 L/top - Both run very well with MSE and there is almost no notice of usage (except as the scan starts) - There was more demand on my system with SAS running - I now only use it on demand - You also need to make sure the scans are both well apart (at least 2 hours) as they can overlap then cause this problem - I am running a MSE scan now and it shows maximum 30-40% CPU usage with scan running - CPU = 0% without MSE scan running - CPU = 50-70% with SAS running and temps are also rising now - Only found tracking cookies , no infections - You have other problems with those units - NOT MSE -
  12. I find the other is better MSE runs very quietly and very well on my 'older' XP SP3 - It has detected some minor infections and removed them without me even thinking it is there - The background running and scheduled scans are great - It is the best free A/V I have used for the years that I have been running this machine - That includes AVG Avira Avast, trial versions of Kaspersky and several others - At this time I am testing VIPRE free also, with my MSE still running - Only Dr Web Cure It was the other program (but no real time) - It is first on my list of free A/V programs if ever asked - Thank You - EDIT - Several people (from MBAM forum) use both and if set to run scans at times that do not match have no real problems - Not sure with the new 1.45 version of Malwarebytes -
  13. The most usual means are First - Advertising (Facebook has limited control over these) - Second - Invites (From Al'K'Holic, Nick O'Teen)and several other not so obvious names (Only click on people you know) - Third - The links to YouTube Vids (the content is never known untill opened and the Smile says "Got You") - The games are generally well controlled as there seems to mainly be one distributor at this time - From a person who controls the incoming attachments to the family computer - (Note: Only my observations) Thank You - EDIT - To update SAS or MBAM in safe mode is OK but the files you wish to remove for Security Tool will be hidden in safe mode - These can only be accessed once you have reverted to normal mode - My experience is that MalwareBytes is *not*, in fact, capable Once you read the item you will know it will work - I have removed it several times - I also know SAS will remove it if done properly - Security Tool is in fact a Fake Rogue infection - It is not a true Trojan -
  14. Hi Darkdonut - General Section , as in general chat, or general problems, or for other areas related, or not related to computers ?? There is a section called "General Questions" already -
  15. Thank you - I was just answering this response as I know the MBAM method - No offence to SAS as I know it too can remove the infection but I could not find the shortcut - Thank you - Malwarebytes can remove this fake rogue by using this method - The infection has been about for quite a while now - Thank You -
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