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  1. 23 hours ago, nighthawkext said:

    Yes! If you have previously purchased a non-lifetime license to SUPERAntiSpyware Pro, it is honored in SUPERAntiSpyware Pro X

    So from what I am understanding I have 4 "Lifetime Licenses" of SAS I bought over 10 years ago. My Lifetime Licenses Will Not Be Hornored in SUPERAntispyware Pro X. Is this True???

  2. On 7/30/2020 at 11:29 PM, ProTruckDriver said:

    Simple Question. I've been a member of the forum for over 10 years. Why can't I download my Avatar on my forum account?

    Knock, Knock is anyone home here on this forum to answer this question???

  3. On 5/3/2017 at 8:08 AM, GuiltySpark said:

    I would have to say though I would not buy Win 10 nor would I want to live with it as a main system, there are after all many better choices out there.

    Totally agree. I'm still running two Win 7 computers until the death of Win 7 or the computers. The push for Win 10 forced me into buying a Mac which I use as my main system now.

  4. The point is other people are paying money to be protected. With no updates on the weekend, what kind of protection is that? Sure there are many with Lifetime Licenses. I have 4 of them and SAS caught some things in the past for me also. I agree with you, if I didn't have a Lifetime License I wouldn't buy the Pro Version either unless SAS starts making updates 24/7.  

  5. kenw, you must be the only one getting weekend updates. If your Core Definition is: 12047 at the time of this post (Sept 7, 1210 PM, EST) then your not getting Weekend Updates. Look at the Update List for the year and see how many updates were missed on the weekend.

  6. I'm wondering if SAS is off the Holiday Weekend?   :cry:

    Last update: September 4, 3:41 PM - PDT.   Core Definitions: 12047 

    No updates:

    Saturday Sept 5. EST

    Sunday Sept 6. EST

    Monday Sept 7. EST

    Looking forward to the SAS updates on Tuesday if they are taking the long weekend off. :shock:

    I know the computer hackers are off this long Holiday Weekend. :roll:

  7. Thanks Dennis, but that's not it. :) That deletes the threats already in quarantine. What I am looking for is when SAS is in real-time and detects a threat it will not put that threat in quarantine automatically. SAS would show the threat, but I would have to OK it to quarantine. This setting helps if SAS puts out a False Positive, that FP will not be put into quarantine.

  8. When issues do arise, we do our best to find a solution; however, as stated, real-time protection is a feature that is either on or off. Obviously all developers want their software to work on as many systems as possible and SUPERAntiSpyware has been designed as such.

    Thank you Michael for clearing that up because what is posted in Post #12 sounds like if it don't work then your out of luck. Glad to see that SAS still has the same policy helping people work SAS Pro on their computers. :)

  9. It's really frustrating to pay for a service and then not being able to utilize it. Can I find some help here?

    Real-time protection will not work on every system. It's designed to work on as many systems as possible. Due to the fact that real-time protection is either on or off (there are no settings to adjust,) on systems with issues such as this it is best to disable that feature.

    Wow, I have to ask some questions:

    1. If you disable the real-time why pay for the service? Just use the free SAS.

    2. Is SAS Advertized that it will not work on every system?

    3. I have the Two "Lifetime" licenses and if I get another computer, if SAS does't work on that computer, that means I'm Out of Luck to put it politely?

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