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  1. It seems a few of my Visual Studio assignments are getting picked up as some sort of trojan. I'm not sure why as i'm only just learning programmingnow Thank you.
  2. I guess i should have checked the forums more closely. **re-ran update and the false positive is gone Good work =D.
  3. I am quite confident these are false positives: Adware.Vundo/Variant-X32[Header] E:\EVEREST ULTIMATE EDITION\EVEREST_ICONS.DLL E:\EVEREST ULTIMATE EDITION\EVEREST_XPICONS.DLL I have the retail version of everest ultimate eition installed: http://www.lavalys.com/ eWhen i remove those two files from my system the program loads, but all the icons/pictures within th program are gone so i tihnk these files just hold the pictures for the program. I am quite sure they are not malware although it is a bit strange the file names are in upper case and all the other files in the directory are written in lower case. I was unable to upload the files so i have uploaded them to my rapidshare account: http://rapidshare.com/files/365118353/Flase_positive__could_be_a_virus_.zip Regards Jack Brennan
  4. I E-mailed support i appreciate the responses. Thank you
  5. The main goal is to reduce the startup time of Windows, SAS and Mbam. I run Mbam with real time protection ON and have the Mbam system files included in the exclusion list of my A/V. I could easily put the entire SAS folder on the exclusion list, however, that it not only a security risk, but it also doesn't include impotant system files which are installed in various other locations. Although it might seem pointless to some; i guess i just want to do it 'In the name of science'.
  6. I searched the forums, but didn't come across any thread which answered my question. I am just wondering if anyone has a list of system files which can be added to the exclusion list of my antivirus. It may be unnecessary, but i would like to know anyhow. Thank you.
  7. Not a worry then; ill let it start up with windows. Thank you.
  8. Hi all, If i stop sas starting with windows will it still run its schedule or does the task bar icon have to be active? Many thanks Jack.
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