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  1. Thanks for that; works fine; a single click on the bug lauches it after the first double click of the shortcut. Does give another ad popup for SAS after you shut the program down though but no problem.
  2. Hi folks; I recently updated to v.5 and the scans are a lot quicker thankfully. However one strange thing I did notice was that from the shortcut it wont launch first time. All that happens is that the small pop-up notice appears, then disapears and nothing. If I then double click the short cut again the small pop up appears, goes away and the program launches as normal and works well. This is the free edition. Strange but I have the same problem on both computers, a laptop running W7 64bit and a desktop also running W7 64bit. I have experimented on the laptop. On your FAQ page it suggests running RUNSAS.exe which I did and that produced an error box 'Program files not found' so I dowloaded and ran SASSAFERUN.com and that appeared to work. I launched SAS twice with no problems with just one double click of the shortcut. I'm not sure if SASSAFERUN has to be run every time you reboot, as when I rebooted the system was back to the normal problem having to be double clicked twice to launch SAS. Of course it's not really a problem having to try and launch the program twice; just takes a few seconds more but felt you aught to know about it; perhaps it's only a problem with W7 64bit OS. I've notice a new entry in my start list 'SuperAntispyware Registration/Activation' which I assume you have to use if you subscribe to the paid version? Or is this needed for the free version as well; I've never clicked on that; perhaps that's what the problem is. Please advise. Many thanks, Mike.
  3. Thanks Siliconman; SAS loads and updates quickly now. I have version 4.34.1000 now. Mike.
  4. Hi Seth; I was wondering if it was another security program that was causing this. Both machines have the same security... Comodo Firewall, Avast (free version) for AV, Spywareblaster (free version), Spybot less Teatimer (free version), Malwarebytes (free version) and SAS (free version) for weekly scans. SAS version is 4.23.1006, Core 4648, Trace 2460. Just launched SAS which took 90 seconds to load! Thanks for your help, Mike.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum but been using the excellent free version of SAS for some time. I update and do weekly scans. However I have noticed that it takes longer and longer to actually load the program, up to 2 minutes, and even longer to retrieve updates. When I eventually get the main program to load and click on the updates link it can take a minute or more to reach it; then it downloads definitions (shown with the green progress bar), then shows the 'Downloading please wait' box which stays there for 2 minutes approximately and then downloads again (showing the green progress bar again). Then the upgrade offer box appears which you close. It's a great program and usually finds a few tracking cookies other scans miss but this drives me to distraction. I tried it on another slower spare machine and the same happens. Is this normal or have I got an installation problem or something else. It appears to have a built in delay timer; and I was wondering if this is to encourage you to buy the paid for version which may be quicker to load and update? Main machine is 3GHz XP-pro; spare machine 1.3GHz XP-home. Many thanks in advance for any help given. Mike.
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