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  1. Whoah. Sorry. Didn't have a chance to get back to this. I guess mine is a prerelease then. Thanks. I'll go try the uninstall/reinstall.
  2. Like the topic says, I have SASPro set to scan at 3AM and then upon completion, shut down. There is no screensaver or power management getting in the way of this. I have even sat and watched. Splash screen says "Shutting down in 30 seconds" and counts to 0, then closes that splash and returns to the detected threats page (or deleted threats, whatever) Do I have something set wrong? Anyone else seeing this? Thanks, Beej
  3. I bought the full version of SAS a while ago. I was kinda cycling through computers at the time because I was at the end of life of a number of them that I still had and was cobbling parts together, making it work until I could get an actual NEW computer. Every time one wold die, I would strip it for parts and make something else. But I would put on SAS on each one. When I finally got to a NEW computer, I went to put SAS on and it told me that the activation key had been used too many times. I did not realize I needed to unregister each box when I killed it. So I managed to get the last laptop running long enough to "unregister" or release or whatever the term used was and then successfully install SAS on my new computer. If I uninstall the 32 bit and install the 64 bit, will I run into that again? When the uninstall runs, does it release the activation code for use again? Is there a way to clear my log of installs at SAS HQ? I only have it running on one living machine, and the HDD that had it are all storing MP3s now... Thanks
  4. sorry, no I didn't get in on that. Is it still available?
  5. I am running Win7 Pro x64 and SAS seems to be working great. But after a scan, I get the 30 second countdown screen to reboot, the window closes and the log file is up... SAS doesn't shutdown my system anymore. It did in XP, but not on Win7 on the same machine. x64 bug? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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