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  1. P.S. ----> WHOOOPS! Sorry everyone! my post before this one was in response to the post three above this one. (didn't know how to copy a quote, but here it is...)
  2. Sure. I've had Super Antispyware pro edition as of the end of last year, but I could never place the program's icon in the system tray without it disappearing the next time I logged onto my computer. It wouldn't stick, and I wanted it to be in the bottom right corner of my computer (system tray) in case a malware or whatever infected my computer. That way I could access this program while still looking at the infection showing on the internet in the center section of the computer screen. The entire time I have been paying for this program's service, the icon has not been able to stay / stick in the system tray. I figured this was a glitch, or at least the corporation told me it was, and directed me to these forums. Fortunately, this has been the only problem I have experienced. And at least this program does stay on the desktop as an icon. But I need it in the system tray!!! It would truly help if the program were to stay and function properly in the system tray, so I am anxiously awaiting the new release!!!!!! And I hope I at least answered your question!
  3. That the icon would stick in the system tray and function properly and as well as it would by just clicking on the icon on the desktop! That would be heaven!!!
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