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  1. Will do, Geoff, thanx! I also have on this Win XP Pro computer Malwarebytes' program, which doesn't seem to conflict in any way with the McAfee Security Center, but to hear McAfee tell it, ANY other Spyware program will conflict with their program. Every rep of theirs I've spoken with says this, and I'm not sure why?! Appreciate all the input, guys! Thanx again, Lida
  2. Is SUPERAntiSpyware "Online" Version safe to use with McAfee Security Center 9.15? I've heard that downloading and installing this program is not safe, as they are not compatible, but I was wondering if I could use the online scan with my McAfee Security Center V. 9.15 without any repercussions? Thanx for any input anyone can offer, Lida
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