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  1. Hello It's been a while since I scanned my Dad's computer. SAS reports that it has found over 500 (yes 500) objects then crashes before I can remove them. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  2. Release Preview. If they release a test build of RTM Ill have a go at that before I make my final decision to upgrade. So far Im liking it.
  3. ah I hadn't realised I had made that mistake lol. Yes Windows 8 does quite a few things differently. But I do wonder whether the SAS devs are aware of this and maybe I should submit a report.
  4. Exactly. SAS is 64-bit unless its changed back recently.
  5. 64-bit software should install in the c:\program files folder though rather than c:\program files (x86) folder.
  6. Hi. I recently installed Windows 8 64-bit to test before thinking about buying it. I have downloaded SAS but it is suggesting that I install it in the c:\program files (x64) folder rather than in the c:\program files folder which it did under Windows 7. Can I just change the destination folder or is the program no longer 64-bit?
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