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  1. I had a problem with malware or whatever it is "xp guardian 2010". I updated and ran SAS and it seemed to detect it and then I checked the box for the quarantine or removal and that appears to have worked fine. Then upon reboot, when it got to the desktop screen it loaded all the icons, only some of the former tray items, and some dos type c prompt screens came up with nothing in the black portion but file headings of .exe files and then maybe two that said "file too large to fit in memory" I read about this xp guardian that problems can come with removal. That registry entries are altered so that no files with .exe will run. Anyone run into this and is there a fix. The mouse moves around and you can shut the computer off but no programs will work. I have not tried anything else like safe mode or anything until I see if somebody knows what to do with this. thanks
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