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    Very true SAS always updates the complete database. Why can't we have incremental updates like most AVs. Also it would be nice to have more flexible update schedule, SAS updates more than once a day and there is no option to complete a missed schedule. SAS can take the help of windows task manager for scheduling scans and updates.
  2. Look I updated SAS today and I found that its Core and Trace updated. But program version remains at 4.33.100 while the latest is 4.34.100. I have attached a thumnail for this. Previously SAS notified about Program version update. Now a days for program update it does not give any alert, if I came to know a new program update has been released in filehippo/scanwith/softpedia I had to update the program manually. This is my problem. It although updates its core, not program version.
  3. I am thinking about buying a SAS pro. But I would like to know how long will it provide me Product/definition updates? Is it 1yr or Lifetime?
  4. Is it possible to post updates in increment. We have to download the full definition file all the time. This is slow for persons using dial up connections. Please add an option in the update dialogue about how much have to be downloaded and the time required.
  5. Previously about 1 yr ago, when a product update was releases SAS flagged an alert that 'a new product update is available'. But now I don't see this. It only alerts for backdated definition files. I found this In my windows xp and win7 and my friend's vista.
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