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  1. It is the same process as in the version 4 series of SAS. See the link below.


    There are Restore, Delete, and Delete All buttons. There are no other buttons like in your link (I would paste the image but I can not figure out how to). There is no Report False Positive button (nor Trust/Allow button either). Note, it found these from the Real-Time monitor, not during a scan---would this matter?

  2. Yes, that worked. But, when I closed SAS (run as admin) and reopened in regular mode, I have the same issue. Note, I think this could be an issue with the internet connection and SAS. Is there anyway I could check the connection options or reset them in Win 7?


  3. I noticed SAS Pro was not updating the signatures (last was 12/10 and it is currently 12/16). I also noticed that there was a program update. I ran the uninstall program and then updated to 4.47.1000. It seemed to go OK, but SAS Pro didn't load the latest signatures. Therefore, I tried clicking the Update now button and a warning screen pops up that there was a problem connecting and to check my firewall. Checked firewall and SAS was not blocked. So, I disabled the firewall and still got the warning. So, I closed SAS pro and started SAS Pro with the alternate start link. Doing this, the SAS Pro updated OK. I closed SAS Pro, opened SAS Pro with regular link and it is still at 12/10 and will not update (same firewall message).

    Note: I am running Win 7 x64 and logged in as a normal (non-admin) user. I have been using SAS Pro for almost a year with same setup with no issues.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


  4. <br /><br /><br />

    The reason I ask is because of these videos on youtube where the real-time was tested.

    It looks like the real-time didn't detect some of the malware. But when a system scan was done it detected most of the malware.

    I'm not saying the "test" is valid or accurate. But it does look like the real-time sometimes misses malware that the file scanner sometimes catches.

    Any reply by SAS to address this?


  5. You should submit a Customer Service Report and let the SAS gurus figure out why the 64-bit version is not auto updating. Other 64-bit users are having this problem too. I already had in the pre-release version so I cannot test it on my 64-bit system.


    Well, it would not autoupdate. I run Win 7 64bit in a limited user(note definition updates always work fine). Even when I switched users to Administrator and ran update, it did not work. However, when I returned to my limited account, exited SAS and selected Run as Administrator, everything was fine and it told me there was an update. I guess that since I did not log out of limited account before I switched to Admin account, that is the reason it did not work then.

    Anyhow, SAS should auto update on a limited account the way that the definitions can update. Not sure why one is possible and other is not.

  6. Typically when a SAS version goes to "public pre-release", it is released as final within weeks. HOWEVER, that can vary depending on problems(quantity and severity) found and reported by the pre-release testers/users....such as you and me. The more users that test the public pre-release (which are historically pretty doggone solid and reliable), the more likely the final release time period will be shorten.

    Will the SUPERAntiSpyware Uninstallation Assistant on the prerelease page uninstall the 4.90 beta?


  7. The new public pre-release SAS PRO V4.38.1004 installed flawlessly on both Windows 7 x86 Professional and Windows 7 x64 Professional. And it appears to be the first public pre-release of the 32-bit and 64-bit blended SAS PRO with full 64-bit compatibility. 8)

    Is this version above the 4.90.1060 version? Ie. should uninstall 4.90 and install 4.38 (seems like 4.90 is higher). This is on a x64 (professional SAS version BTW)


  8. There is no way to delay the update as per your desire. This has been submitted by others as a enhancement request; however, the developers have not yet incorporated it.

    Have the developers ever replied as to when they may incorporate it, or why not? Seems like it would be rather easy to add.


  9. Is there anyway to delay the update on startup? For example, check for an update 15 min after startup? Based on looking at the preferences page, It appears that if I have the option of checking at startup, or 8 hours after startup (or both). I want it to check for updates, just not at startup....a few minutes after.


  10. Anyone running SAS Pro with VIPRE with real time protection enabled? If so, Any problems?

    I always read that you cannot run another av/anti-malware program with it's real time protection enabled. I would like to run both for the added level of security.


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