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  1. Those that don't want to muck in cmd, run disk cleanup (in Admin mode) and select Service Pack
  2. JohnD

    SAS Pro will not update

    As a further test, I added a new non-admin account. SAS Pro upgrades fine in this one. Therefore, it is definitely something screwed up in my account, anyone have any idea what I should check? Thanks
  3. JohnD

    SAS Pro will not update

    Yes, that worked. But, when I closed SAS (run as admin) and reopened in regular mode, I have the same issue. Note, I think this could be an issue with the internet connection and SAS. Is there anyway I could check the connection options or reset them in Win 7? Thanks
  4. I noticed SAS Pro was not updating the signatures (last was 12/10 and it is currently 12/16). I also noticed that there was a program update. I ran the uninstall program and then updated to 4.47.1000. It seemed to go OK, but SAS Pro didn't load the latest signatures. Therefore, I tried clicking the Update now button and a warning screen pops up that there was a problem connecting and to check my firewall. Checked firewall and SAS was not blocked. So, I disabled the firewall and still got the warning. So, I closed SAS pro and started SAS Pro with the alternate start link. Doing this, the SAS Pro updated OK. I closed SAS Pro, opened SAS Pro with regular link and it is still at 12/10 and will not update (same firewall message). Note: I am running Win 7 x64 and logged in as a normal (non-admin) user. I have been using SAS Pro for almost a year with same setup with no issues. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Any reply by SAS to address this? Thanks
  6. JohnD

    SAS 4.40.1002 Changelog

    Well, it would not autoupdate. I run Win 7 64bit in a limited user(note definition updates always work fine). Even when I switched users to Administrator and ran update, it did not work. However, when I returned to my limited account, exited SAS and selected Run as Administrator, everything was fine and it told me there was an update. I guess that since I did not log out of limited account before I switched to Admin account, that is the reason it did not work then. Anyhow, SAS should auto update on a limited account the way that the definitions can update. Not sure why one is possible and other is not.
  7. JohnD

    SAS 4.40.1002 Changelog

    I am still waiting. As of 7/7 it has not autoupdated. Should this have Autoupdated by now? I have it selected to check every 8 hours. Thanks. Again I am running pro with lifetime on Win 7 64 bit
  8. JohnD

    SAS 4.40.1002 Changelog

    OK, I am going to do nothing and wait to see if it auto installs. How long should it take? Thanks
  9. I saw these too and wondered about the real time scanner in SAS. Hopefully, SAS people will comment on this.
  10. JohnD

    Most compatible programs

    It is working fine with VIPRE too!
  11. JohnD

    SAS 4.40.1002 Changelog

    Should this automatically install or do we need to manually install (running professional w/lifetime on Win 7 x64)?
  12. Did uninstall-reinstall and repairs tab is now populated.
  13. I just updated. two notes: 1) Repairs tab is still blank (thought this was suppose to be fixed in this update). 2) When I update, it removes my serial number and I have to look it up and enter (shouldn't this be saved through versions)? Note, this is on Win 7 64bit
  14. JohnD

    SUPERAntiSpyware 4.39.1002 Release

    If I have auto update on, will this update the program to the newer versions I am on 4.38.1004 (64bit) professional with a lifetime subscription. Or, does the update just update the definitions?
  15. Is this different from the pre release (with same version) that was released last week?