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  1. well my term of being a shareholder, is putting some money in the business but not owning any part of it, I just get a small cut
  2. lol, funny guy, do you work for Superantispyware?
  3. I was wondering is it possible to be shareholder in your company, is it possible?
  4. SuperAntispyware I see that you are slow at replying to your customers problems, I had someone who tried to help me, which I am very grateful for, but it should be your job to help me, I should be a priority on your list because I purchased from you. Please get back to me ASAP
  5. no you don't understand, I've fully unistalled it quite a few times but still doesn't work that's why I'm here, maybe if I explain in detail what happened, you might understand me better, that's if you want to listen. Thanks for trying to help, its my fault for not explaining the situation properly
  6. i've bought a registration code for SuperAntispyware but I can't use it because SuperAntispyware won't direct me to the registration code wizard, it only directs me to the activation code wizard, this happened since my friend tried to use a crack on my computer, it's all hard to explain but can anyone please help me Thank you
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