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  1. Perhaps one or more difficulties have been addressed as the downloadable version has gone to HTH
  2. Although I have more than a few SAS Professional LIFETIME Subscriptions, my installed versions of have not had pushed to me yet. Version seems to have appeared late last week, and may now be downloaded from https://www.superantispyware.com/download.html and others. I'm wondering if it's normal for the automatic application updates to lag by a few days or more? My own automatic database updates seem unaffected and are still timely.
  3. Hello Elect.Bill: Perhaps you'd like to try the Portable Version which of course is not installed. Just remember to download the latest definitions just after launching or just before scanning. https://www.superantispyware.com/portablescanner.html?tag=SAS_HOMEPAGE HTH
  4. Hello Michael: The free version neither automatically updates the definitions nor does it update the program. These features are available in the Professional version though. https://www.superantispyware.com/superantispywarefreevspro.html HTH
  5. Thank you throkr. That helps to solve the mystery.
  6. Hello All: The SAS install exe file v5.6.1022 is slightly larger than that of v5.6.1020. Since no obvious installed file versions seem to have changed, can we speculate that other installer content and/or registry entries may have changed? Hopefully we'll get an authoritative answer soon. Respectfully
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    SAS Pro 5.0.1106 Core 7484 Trace 5296 Virus Total 1/43. Jotti 0/20. VirSCAN 0/37. MBAM DTBS 7321 = Negative Filterbit 0/10. Scan Log Excerpt: Trojan.Agent/Gen-FakeDoc C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{90280409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0050048383C9}\WORDICON.EXE Thank you kindly. Pete Corrected in Core 7485 Trace 5297 - Thank you! wordicon.exe
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