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  1. SAS is excellent, and has got me out of trouble often enough, but it would be even better if it found malware lurking in zip files. I appreciate this would slow down the scan, but (as with Spyware Doctor) you could choose in Setup whether ot not to scan zips, ignore zips over 1MB, 5MB etc.
  2. Can we have an answer to this please: it seems that SAS does not scan zip files.
  3. I was scanning the zip file. SAS will now detect the exe, but surely it scans zips as well? Perhaps it doesn't, or maybe that'sa function only the Pro version has - can you confirm please? Many thanks.
  4. Still undetected, Geoff: database version core 4596 trace 2408.
  5. Thank you Geoff. I just updated SAS but database version core 4594 trace 2406 doesn't find the bug. What was it anyway? I've now had similar emails three times.
  6. Uploaded just now, Geoff: many thanks. It would be really useful to have a right-click scan to Windows Explorer, and also to be able to configure the program to automatically scan removeable drives.
  7. Hello, I'm trying out SAS to find a program which has a good balance of detection and resources hog. I received an email with a suspicious attachment (I'll attach it here if you want, but because I'm certain it's a trojan I didn't want to post it without permission.) It's supposedly from DHL, and purports to be a form to arrange redelivery of a parcel, but I just know it's a fake because: - The email has too many exclamation marks - The attachment is a zip file (why not a PDF or a Word doc?) - The zip contains an executable called DHL_Print_Label.exe but it has a Word icon SAS doesn't complain when I stick the thing into a folder and scan it. Betcha it's a nasty, though. And yes, I'm using the latest version of the program and the latest updates. Want me to upload it so you can have a shufti? Can I ask something unrelated? Will SAS Pro automatically scan removable USB drives, and a right-click scan option in Windows Explorer? Many thanks Robin
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