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  1. I noticed it as well. Windows Security Center detects my avast! antivirus for antivirus, detects avast! and Windows Defender (off) for antispyware, and no mention of SUPERAntiSpyware. Not a problem with me since apparently I have an antispyware mentioned in the Security Center :huh: but just saying that apparently Security Center doesn't detect it on mine either. Also a Windows 7 user. :lol:

  2. You can't just choose one or the other. One is anti-spyware, one is anti-malware. Both are bad for your computer, both are quite easy to get nowadays, both need protection against. You need both SAS and MAB. I run both just fine.

    EDIT: Sorry, I read your post wrong. Which to buy? Well, SAS gives a lot without real-time already and Malwarebytes' AntiMalware can stop more threatening threats. But it's a higher chance of getting spyware in multiple instances than getting malware in multiple instances, so...it really depends. I would get both, but for now, I suggest buying MAM, since malware and malicious IP threats, although rare, are very threatening.

  3. Sly,

    Right click on the bug icon and select Control Center>Scanning Control>

    Please uncheck these options:

    Use Kernel Direct File Access

    Use Kernel Direct Registry Access

    Use Direct Disk Access

    Run a Complete Scan again and see if it will finish.

    Fortunately, the scan got past C:\Windows\_default.pif. Unfortunately, the scan NOW gets stuck on C:\Windows\äõv. I have the strangest feeling that the scan always gets stuck on the C:\Windows folder, not including subfolders...

  4. I'm running the trial version of SuperAntiSpyware Professional after hearing good things about it. I used the free version on a desktop that the rest of my family uses and it found at least a hundred traces of spyware that Spybot - Search and Destroy failed to recognize. Anyway, the reason I'm here is because my laptop seems to be the one that has a problem with the full scan. The scan would hang on the same file C:\Windows\_default.pif. I have Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and avast! at the same time. Neither has the problem. I used to have ZoneAlarm Firewall too, but when I searched on Google, ZA seemed to have the _default.pif issue connected to it. Uninstalled ZoneAlarm, same thing still happens. I can't even cancel the scan - I have to use Task Manager.

    I really don't want to go back to Spybot after seeing this thing work well on my desktop. Help please?

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