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  1. Installed (version pro) on top version 5.7-...all ok,but, interface..horrible.... not colours..all grey Thanks Edit: SAS it should more agressive with Pups, how Malwarebytes or Adwcleaner
  2. 5.6.1022 version disappeared .. now shows version 5.6.1020
  3. Still no reply ... to see if copied by the forum of malwarebytes (i have sas pro)
  4. dowmloaded of superantispyware.com (this site)
  5. downloaded sas 5.6.1022 and install version 5.6.1020
  6. yes descative accept 3rd party cookies and still the same
  7. is paid version.in general, when I navigate the Web with firefox especially sites that contain images, sas is consumed constantly cpu .Use sas for years and long ago that this happens.before i had mcafee and now avast and it remains the same
  8. do any idea of because navigating the web suepantispyware this constantly consuming 20% of cpu? I have come to realize that this only happens with Firefox.in Internet Explorer on the same pages superantispyware does not activate the cpu
  9. You can't.The only way to upgrade is to download the full installer and you can install it above.There is no update yet internal.In addition there is a new version next week according to the previous post
  10. because sas increases the use of ram and cpu to navigate the web in certain pages(which contain mainly pictures) if supposed sas to analyze processes running? sas pro
  11. dowload https://www.superantispyware.com/download.html .version in windows propierties of file indication version 5.0.1016 but istalled version 5.6.1018
  12. update from this site superantispyware.com and in program is 5.6.1018 installed
  13. Yesterday install sas version 5.6.1016 and showed windows properties and in the program same version.Now, install sas and properties of the file is still 5.6.1016 but the program displays 5.6.1018
  14. in this moment,version in manual dowmload is 5.6.1016.........
  15. sas free ans sas pro Are always the same version.currently is the 5.6.1016 although it is still not updated the web but the download is installed the new version
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