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  1. Your problem is precicely why EVERY software installation, should be CUSTOM. That way you can UNcheck most of the crapware that comes bundled with programs. MLStrand56
  2. This is the same problem that I am having with 64bit Win7 Ultimate. I had an earlier version of SAS, so (following the advice above), uninstalled SAS & reinstalled the current down loaded version. I reentered my reg. number & SAS returned a msg that the trial period had expired. Have yet to reboot & see what happens. As a side note, I am also using Comodo Firewall. I checked Comodo & it does not appear to be blocking any SAS executables. MLStrand56
  3. I also am running 64bit Win7 Ultimate & SAS Pro. I have done exactly the same as you, but w/o your problem. My SAS acts as I have instructed it to. My problem is that every reboot, requires re-registering SAS. MLStrand56
  4. SAS is NOT an antiVIRUS program, it is an antiSPYWARE program. Perhaps you are confusing the two. MLStrand56
  5. I am using Win7 64bit. I bought a lifetime subscription to SAS + additional license. My problem is that every time I reboot my computer, I have to re-register my program. Anybody else having this problem? Any ideas on how to make SAS save my registration? THANX MLStrand56
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